Lamborghini Huracan Evo Walkaround | Launched at Rs 3.73 Crore |

Hi guys welcome to ZigWheels and one of the most iconic car brands in the world the Lamborghini now new Lamborghini has been launch in India now this is quote-unquote the more affordable Lambo and this is the new Huracan Evo now technically this is a facelift but it’s nothing like the faced is that […]

DT Test Drive — Lamborghini Urus. Новый король SUV?

What’s there to do if there are too many G-Class SUVs around, Cayenne isn’t brutal enough and Bentley is too slow… Lamborghini provided a solution. We’re at their factory today. This is Dragtimes test-drive, this is new Lamborghini Urus. Curb weight [DIN-CURB]


Lamborghini Urus trial off road! and here are the keys to this lamborghini Russian oops either put a little thumb lifted for aline because frankly super keep it simple and awesome he has disappointed because erding I love to see something I have not one but four I want to take the white because that […]

How Good Is The Audi S4? (Ft. EddieX)

we’re about to take Eddie’s Sforza’s his daily driver y’alright says kind of weekend some record yep um and it’s not somewhere anymore nope and we’re gonna we’re gonna take this out see how it is and I can’t really I’m not gonna give you a m3 verse s for comparison right now just because […]

Je reçois une Lamborghini + Audi RS6 + McLaren le même jour !

Today is the beginning of a new chapter. Today, is going to be the best day of my car life. It’s going to be total madness. I have just arrived in Paris. I will receive two cars. We have prepared some surprises for you throughout the day. Hi it’s POG here. Ready for the best […]

Ferrari X Lamborghini – Fight of super cars – LUXE.TV

In sports we call it at Derby. Two supercars from the same region, will square off today on the track and on the road and to referee this match our specialist. Ferrari or Lamborghini ? Who will come out on top ? Let’s find out. Welcome everyone, welcome to a new show, where today we’re […]

The Fire-Breathing Audi R8 Twin Turbo Widebody That Shouldn’t Be Legal.

all right you guys what is going on my name is Marcus and you’re watching roads untraveled in my hand is a key to an Audi r8 v8 you might be thinking Marcus why are you driving the v8 the v10 s way better but no you’re wrong you’re totally wrong here is an Audi […]

How do you say PORSCHE? – VLOG | Xtreme Xperience

– Hey guys, so we’re getting ready to head to NJMP and we’re gonna ask some of our fans who are actually driving this 991 GT3, how much they know about the car but specifically, do they know how to say, the name properly right here. Alright so, right behind you is one of our […]

Countach Replica v6 Turbo (10° parte) – Davide Cironi Drive Experience (SUBS)

Gian Pietro: “Dear Davide, sorry if the Internet people has been killing you because of me and this car here, we found many many problems. We thought we were going to finish it when we moved it here, but we had to rebuild a lot of stuff, like the rear grilles, the rear end because […]