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2013 RAV4 How-To: 6-Speed Automatic Transmission | Toyota

(funky music) – The RAV4 six speed automatic transmission is designed to provide quiet driving, a smooth gear shift feel, and fuel efficiency during both highway and city driving. It can be used in drive or sequential operation, depending on driver preference. (gentle music) (shifter thudding) In D or drive operation it also features artificial […]

2014 Corolla How-To: ECO Drive Mode | Toyota

– Corolla LE ECO Plus and Premium come with an ECO mode button behind the shift lever. Press that button anytime you want to improve fuel economy. When it’s on, three things happen. First, an ECO mode indicator appears in the instrument panel. Second, the throttle response is reduced to help you accelerate slowly and […]

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2013 RAV4 How-To: Smart Key | Toyota

(dramatic tones) – If your RAV4 is equipped with a Smart Key, you’ll find that locking, unlocking, and starting your vehicle can be a lot easier than with mechanical keys. To unlock the doors, first make sure you have the Smart Key fob with you. It’s not necessary to have it in your hand. Slip […]

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Avalon’s new interior is so sleek and stylish It’s practically a concept car. And every nook and cranny is lined with soft-touch surfaces and premium materials. Including genuine open-pore wood aluminum and even premium quilted leather trim for limited models Quilted leather trim or not though, it goes without saying that Avalon’s cabin is a […]

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