101: Loren Angelo and Audi believe in challenging the status quo

(uptempo jazz music) – [Man] For all of us, it’s about predicting where the consumer’s going and getting half of it right. – [Woman] One of the things we wanna do is create ads that don’t suck. – [Man] Embracing change creates great possibility. – [Alan] I’m Alan Hart, and this is Marketing Today. Today […]

Interview – Olivier Bahon, chef des ventes de la concession Volkswagen de Nantes

Audi Sport’s Ulrich Baretzky Interview – /DRIVE UNCUT

LEO PARENTE:: Hi, Leo here. You know, we listen to your comments. Remember we went and visited Audi sport and that e-tron Quattro tested Sebring? And the new fan favorite, Ulrich Baretzky, the head of Audi engine development, really kind of hit a vibe with you guys with his interview in the part we showed […]

Audi Sport. The Fastest Interview Ever.

Audi Sport is recruiting for 17 new showrooms But to test candidates’ attitude a simple interview isn’t enough. “What’s this all about?” “The interview?…” “Hello.” “I’m Audi Italia director Fabrizio Longo.” “Listen, we’re going to use a rather original approach and the first part of the interview will be taking place right here in this […]

Vanessa Kirby Sent LAPD on a Nationwide Hunt for Her “Stolen” Audi

-I — we tried to have you here, was it, last summer? -It was. It was exactly this time last summer. -Wow. And — -Yeah. -Something happened? You got sick. -I got really ill. It wasn’t fake. -No. -It was a really bad virus. And I missed seven shows of my theater play. And it […]

Kobe Bryant Sings ‘Moana’ For Kelly Clarkson

– Let’s go back even further though; tell us about this. Yeah! (laughter) Get it, get it! You don’t care, I don’t care, look at me. Ayyy – I’m energetic. – Yes! Body roll. Oh you went off stage! (audience cheering) You went off stage! – You know… – [Kelly] You exited! – Yeah. – […]

Rihanna Sampled Greg Kinnear for Her Song “Cockiness (Love It)”