Stanzani Racconta: L’addio di Ferruccio alle sue Lamborghini – Davide Cironi (SUBS)

Ferruccio’s farewell to his Lamborghini marked a historical break How did you deal with it as a Technical Director? Let’s start by saying that Lamborghini’s farewell to the automobile is really painful for him because the company was running great so much so the sales of the car company was necessary to save Lamborghini himself […]

Elevator Chat

Don’t act so shy. Where are you heading? And you are …? Andreas. Markus. Sascha. Rudi. Lilia. And who are we speaking with? Martina. Right. People don’t usually ask for my name. That’s funny! And your job at Audi is…? Thermal management development. Functional safety. I’m Head of Vehicle Test Stands at Audi. To you, […]

101: Loren Angelo and Audi believe in challenging the status quo

(uptempo jazz music) – [Man] For all of us, it’s about predicting where the consumer’s going and getting half of it right. – [Woman] One of the things we wanna do is create ads that don’t suck. – [Man] Embracing change creates great possibility. – [Alan] I’m Alan Hart, and this is Marketing Today. Today […]

Interview – Olivier Bahon, chef des ventes de la concession Volkswagen de Nantes

Audi Sport’s Ulrich Baretzky Interview – /DRIVE UNCUT

LEO PARENTE:: Hi, Leo here. You know, we listen to your comments. Remember we went and visited Audi sport and that e-tron Quattro tested Sebring? And the new fan favorite, Ulrich Baretzky, the head of Audi engine development, really kind of hit a vibe with you guys with his interview in the part we showed […]

Audi Sport. The Fastest Interview Ever.

Audi Sport is recruiting for 17 new showrooms But to test candidates’ attitude a simple interview isn’t enough. “What’s this all about?” “The interview?…” “Hello.” “I’m Audi Italia director Fabrizio Longo.” “Listen, we’re going to use a rather original approach and the first part of the interview will be taking place right here in this […]

Vanessa Kirby Sent LAPD on a Nationwide Hunt for Her “Stolen” Audi

-I — we tried to have you here, was it, last summer? -It was. It was exactly this time last summer. -Wow. And — -Yeah. -Something happened? You got sick. -I got really ill. It wasn’t fake. -No. -It was a really bad virus. And I missed seven shows of my theater play. And it […]