Just Dance Unlimited – What Is Love (Car Version) | Gamelay

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Billie Eilish – bad guy EXTREME | JUST DANCE 2020 1st try REACTION

Hello everybody! You voted for it… after already almost 2,000 votes you want me to discover “bad guy” extreme while dancing to it for the first time. So I tried dress up consequently I had no green. So I chose pink Hugo, who is in the other room, just told me I look like Billie […]

Lady Gaga – Just Dance at ENIGMA (Live from Las Vegas)

Sejam bem-vindos ao show. Antes de começarmos Por favor… Tenha certeza de que câmeras, Mecanismos de vídeo, luzes Ou dispositivos móveis de qualquer tipo que você tiver Estejam ligados.

Billie Eilish Surprises Her Biggest Fans | Just Dance 2020

Yo, I’m Billie Eilish, and I am here about to surprise some fans who are going to be playing Just Dance 2020 that I helped design. [MUSIC PLAYING] MAN: Come on in. Excellent, thank you. I’m going to have you two come over right over here. Great, like that. Perfect. My name’s Dakota. I’m from […]

JUST DANCE 2020 FULL GAME REACTION (all EXTREMES versions 😱 + All Stars & Kids modes)

Dina: Hyperventilating here. Hugo: Yeah, it’s like you’re pregnant or something. Dina: I’m about to deliver a baby Hugo: yeah you’re gonna deliver Both: named Just Dance 2020! Drey: I need help… Wait! I need water… Dina: can we ever start with you? Hugo: Okay people. Dina: Okay people, this is the big discovery of […]

Just Dance 2020: Full Song List | Ubisoft [US]

[XBOX SOUND] [MUSIC – “JUST DANCE THEME”] All you’ve got to do is just dance. [MUSIC – ED SHEERAN & JUSTIN BIEBER, “I DON’T CARE”] Because I don’t care. When I’m with my baby, yeah, all the bad things disappear. And you’re making me feel– [MUSIC – KHALID, “TALK”] Can we just talk? Can we […]

Just Dance 2020 – Full Songlist

Just Dance 2020: Keep Dancing | E3 2019 | Ubisoft [US]

10 years. 10 years. That’s a lot of dancing. We’re exhausted, I know. But think of everything we’ve done. Can you imagine the millions of people that have been dancing with us? The Macarena, Underwear Sundays, feet up on the coffee table, gamers sick of tempos. I even learned how to twerk. Everything we’ve done, […]


For this song, we wanted to create a dream-like universe, that’s also a little bit abstract, slowly changing based on the music and the movements of the dancer. In fact there are injections of paints and coloured inks in an aquarium of water where we tried to mix them together to achieve cosmic and organic […]

Just Dance 2020 (Wii/PS4/Xbox One/Switch) Unboxing

hey guys welcome back for another unboxing with popngames, in this video we’re gonna be unboxing Just Dance 2020 for the Xbox one the ps4 the Nintendo switch and yes you read it right the Wii anyway we see the front cover right here with the dancer as well as the list of some of […]