Dance Moms: Dance Digest – “Wishbone” (Season 4) | Lifetime

This week we will be going to New York City. You will be competing at Sheer Talent. Paige and Chloe, you will be performing a duet. The name of the duet? Aptly titled “Wishbone.” Not only do we have a competition in New York, but Maddie and her friend Kalani are getting to do a […]

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ABBY LEE: Are you on the outside? Kendell, are you on the outside? Kendall, I keep telling everybody you’re improving, you legs were straight, you were doing this, you were doing that. For two weeks you were like fabulous, right up there with Maddie. You had it in you to be the favorite for two […]

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ABBY LEE: Come on, girls. Let’s go! Let’s do it. We only have one more week before Nationals. And we are traveling to Buffalo, New York, where we will be attending Intensity Dance. The group routine is a hoedown. It’s entitled “Country Cuties.” This is the week we attended regionals to qualify for the national […]

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