VW′s emissions-cheating software found in Porsche cars: EPA 폴크스바겐 배출가스 조작 스캔들

There′s more trouble for Volkswagen,… as U.S. regulators are now saying they have found more models fitted with the emissions-rigging software that disgraced the German automaker. And for the first time, Porsche models are also said to be involved. Kwon Jang-ho has the details. The Environmental Protection Agency on Monday said ″Volkswagen has once again […]

(G)I-DLE sings “Uh-Oh” in Portuguese | Try-lingual Live (여자)아이들

Entertainment Weekly | 연예가중계 – Anne Hathaway, Daniel Hanney, Kim Dongjoon [ENG/CHN/2017.04.10]

(Episode 1666) Welcome to Entertainment Weekly. I’m Shin Hyunjoon. Hello, I’m Jung Jiwon. It’s the second week of April. The weather is beautiful these days. Yes. Yeouido is full of cherry blossoms. Hyunjoon, you look especially happy today. Congratulations. – His son just turned one. Congratulations. / – Thanks. My son turned one last Tuesday. […]

Where the Hell is Matt? 2012

YG Entertainment CEO Yang Hyun-suk resigns over drug scandal of its singers

The CEO of South Korean media giant YG Entertainment, Yang Hyun-suk , has announced that he’s stepping down from his posts at the company… amid drug charges against its singers. The company has been embroiled in a series of drug scandals the latest involving B.I, a now-former member of K-pop boy band iKON. He quit […]

Entertainment Weekly | 연예가중계 – Cho Jungseok, Eugene [ENG/CHN/2017.05.15]

(Episode 1671) This is Entertainment Weekly, and I’m Shin Hyunjoon. Hello, I’m Jung Jiwon. Last Tuesday, Korea’s 19th president was elected. It’s the first weekend after the inauguration. – People have high hopes for him. / – That’s right. – Do you have high hopes too, Hyunjoon? / – Me? – Well, I’m a dad. […]

SB19 – “Go Up” 2x Speed Dance Challenge

[Stell] So guys, today— [Stell] We just finished filming our “Go Up” dance practice! [Stell] We have received a lot of messages from our fans hoping that we would make a “Go Up” dance practice video. [Stell] So guys, this is it, we just finished filming [Stell] We hope that you’ve watched and liked our […]

Entertainment Weekly | 연예가중계 – (2016.04.08)

Hello, everyone. This is Shin Hyunjoon on Entertainment Weekly. Hello, I’m Jeong Jiwon. The weather and breeze is lovely It’s the first weekend evening of April. Did you see it on the way to Yeouido today? The cherry blossoms and magnolias are beautiful. The traffic jam was terrible too. – You’re right. / – Cherry […]

Entertainment Weekly | 연예가중계 – Hyunbin, Namgoong Min, Nam Sangmi [ENG/CHN/2017.01.23]

(Episode 1655) Hello, I’m Shin Hyunjoon of Entertainment Weekly. Hello, I’m Jung Jiwon. It’s the third week of January. – Yesterday was the coldest day of the year. / – Yes. We had heavy snow for two days. – Yes. / – It was so cold. – It was freezing, and / – Yes. I […]

Entertainment Weekly | 연예가중계 – Park Boyoung, Lee Jehoon, Lee Seungjoon [ENG/2016.04.29]

Hello, everyone. This is Shin Hyunjoon on Entertainment Weekly. Hello, I’m Jeong Jiwon. The yellow dust and micro dust is going to continue nationwide tomorrow. Viewers, if you leave the house, please don’t forget to wear a mask. To make matters worse, the micro dust and yellow dust make my eyes and throat ache and […]