SKYPE Singing Lessons – Take Your Own Private SKYPE Singing Lessons Today!

Hi. I’m Aaron Anastasi, the founder of the Superior Singing Method and I want to make an official announcement to my YouTube community that we have launched Skype lessons. Now you’ve been asking me to do this for a long time and I heard you. It just took me a little while to get things […]

Phil learns to sing!

P: Hey guys, so I’m here with Matt Smith C: Hey guys…… P: Can you guess who it is? Maybe from this hair it might be a clue… P: IT’S CARRIE! C: Hello! P: So Carrie is a professional singer, would you say that’s right? C: Yes P: The right term? Songstress? C: I like […]

Dance Partner Challenge – ft. D-trix & Matt Steffanina – Merrell Twins

(Laughs) Wait no, no, no (Screams) Let go! Let Go! Oh! (Screams) Hey guys! I’m Veronica I’m Vanessa, and we are here with Matt and D-Trix And we are doing the dance partner challenge So, before we explain what the dance partner challenge is make sure to subscribe to our channel, we post videos every […]

Voice Lessons & Tips on Singing : Tips on How to Sing

Hi. I’m Larissa Lam and on behalf of Expert Village I’m here to present you some basic singing methods. We’re going to cover a wide range of topics, but most importantly we’re going to cover the basics of singing which include vocal warm-up techniques, breathing exercises, and just some exercises to help you stretch your […]

Classical Vocal Training for Singers : Neck & Vocal Chord Massage for Classical Voice Training

Hello, I’m Nina Mikhailova with Expert Village, and I’m teaching breathing techniques. I named this exercise, “The Smell of Fire”. So, you smell fire; right, left, right, left. You do it like 10, 16 times, and then you do it from one shoulder to another; right, left, right, left. If you feel like you have […]

Mags Lowe from Singing UK

My name’s Mags Lowe and we are here at Stockport Art Gallery for ‘The Courage to Sing’ beginners learn to sing course and the beginners choir. (Choir sing harmonies) What we offer are Learn to Sing courses and the courses are based in Stockport and Sale for complete beginners, or people who perhaps have never […]

Singing Lessons & Voice Training : Learn How to Sing Better

JAMES MENY: Okay. So you want to learn how to sing and you want to get good real fast. This is a very simple formula. If you think of anything that you’ve ever had to do with a very short deadline, you become ultimately very focused at getting that thing done. So if you have […]