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Camryn, you’re doing a solo this week. The name of your solo is, “I’m Already Done.” Camryn, do you want to be here on this team? Yeah, I do. Because I’ve heard otherwise. From who? You don’t want to be here. You want to be at home with your friends. I’ve never said that. Who […]

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[MUSIC PLAYING] So I see them raising my daughter up, so she’s either the sacrificial lamb or the one that your kids want to burn at the stake. [LAUGHS] We have to fool them. [MUSIC PLAYING] (SINGING) Surrender to the witching hour. Surrender to the witching hour. You are the doll on the shelf. [MUSIC […]

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– I mean, I do like it. But I’m not sure that this is the winning number. There’s no competitive element except for the style. I feel like we’re rolling the dice again. Right. My thing is, she still doesn’t actually know about the big issue is that Studio 19 is coming. And I don’t […]

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ABBY: This week, we That scares me but, I have the next best thing. [music playing] [cheering] – Hi, Brynne. – Brynne! Hello. ABBY: While Maddie’s away, I need someone to stand it for her, somebody that is going to be a consistent winner. That’s why I’m bringing in Brynne. The group routine is an […]

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[MUSIC PLAYING] Who do you guys think we all would be based off the old cast? Lily, who are you? I feel like Lily’s like Brynn because she, like, the long, really pretty extension. Long? Really? Long? [INTERPOSING VOICES] Your legs are really long for your height. Or even if they’re, like, not that long, […]