How Good Is The Audi S4? (Ft. EddieX)

we’re about to take Eddie’s Sforza’s his daily driver y’alright says kind of weekend some record yep um and it’s not somewhere anymore nope and we’re gonna we’re gonna take this out see how it is and I can’t really I’m not gonna give you a m3 verse s for comparison right now just because […]

Looking at a 2006 Toyota Celica GT in Absolutely Red

Hi, I’m john with another video of “The Modern Day” What’s here? A 2006 Toyota Celica, the sport car which made loud noises Those stickers look funny… Mario stickers Like the mix and red and black… they make a great combo for a car like this! Thank you all for watching!!!

Vanessa Kirby Sent LAPD on a Nationwide Hunt for Her “Stolen” Audi

-I — we tried to have you here, was it, last summer? -It was. It was exactly this time last summer. -Wow. And — -Yeah. -Something happened? You got sick. -I got really ill. It wasn’t fake. -No. -It was a really bad virus. And I missed seven shows of my theater play. And it […]

Rooster Teeth Animated Adventures – SUV Stunt Kids

Bernie: Probably one of the reasons why I didn’t push it too much is I was so in my head about something that I saw in the parking lot In the same parking lot as the Jimmy John’s is a grocery store. Bernie: It’s going to be hard to explain- Gus: I know the exact […]

Rock Climber Lives in a SUV in order to Travel Solo and Eats for Free

Oh yeah so, here’s a bunch of baked goods. There’s nothing I won’t eat, unless my body responds to it like the smell. It’s amazing how much we’ve like stepped away from our natural instincts. I think at the end of the day we’re animals. We have instincts. We can tell through sight and smell […]

VeggieTales: SUV – Silly Song

I like your car. I like yours too Is it a Jeep? A Subaru! I like your tires. You’ve got nice chrome. A trailer hitch? Left mine at home. Oh, your suspension it suspends me over heights I’ve never known. And your roll bar is to die for, by the way, I like your chrome. […]

SEMA SUV OR SEMA TRUCK || This or That!?

– It is filming? Are we recording? – [Camera Man] Yeah, we’re good. – Well can you say action? – [Camera Man] Yup. All right, three, two, one. (beeping) – How’s doing guys? Fuller here, from Custom Offsets TV on the YouTube with Brad and Junior, and I’m not even Fuller. But we’re here today […]

Beautiful Hand Converted Toyota 4×4 Van Conversion

This video is sponsored by RXBAR. For 25% off your first purchase go to Hey, my name is Alex Jackson and this is my little tiny home on wheels, Norton. That’s short for El Norteño the northerner in Spanish. I am Canadian and I’m down here in Baja. This is my little dog Willow and […]

Volkswagen Tiguan | La noia in accezione positiva [ENGLISH SUB]

Hi! So, this compact SUV is perfec for a day like today and for small off road aventures thanks to its AWD. What do I like about it? I really like the new full LED front lights but, I don’t appreciate the front camera which pops out a bit too much On the side there […]

2009 Volkswagen Passat CC/ First Impressions

i am Kelsey Mays for cars dot com we’re here at the Detroit auto show with the two thousand nine volkswagen passat cc volkswagen calls the passat cc a four door coupe mercedes try to put that term a few years ago with the c l_ s_ most consumers still know coupes to have two […]