2018 New York Auto Show: 2019 Audi A6 | Consumer Reports

This is the all-new 2019 Audi A6 luxury midsize sedan. The conservative styling doesn’t depart much from the previous generation, but underneath is a whole host of new, advanced technology. Start with the powertrain– US buyers will likely get a 340-horsepower version of Audi’s turbocharged V6 engine, based on European launch specifications. That will be […]

2016 Audi A6

For 2016 audi has updated its A6 midsize sedan with some styling changes some powertrain upgrades and a few changes to the electronics as well let’s take a closer look now one of the changes to the front end is the grill which couldn’t go any deeper had to get a little bit wider and […]

2018 Audi S4: Commuting Comfort | Edmunds First Impression

CARLOS LAGO: So what I’m going to do now is instead of treating this like my own personal rally stage, I’m going to treat it like I’m just a normal person living my normal life doing my normal driving. Like you said, the real person doing the real life thing. And to see what this […]

2018 Audi S4: Rad Cars Deserve Rad Seats | Edmunds First Impression

CARLOS LAGO: How does that seat feel? KURT NIEBUHR: The seat feels great. I kind of want to take one of these seats out and wrap it up in butcher paper, and take it over to the headquarters where they build Corvettes and throw it through a plate glass window. Say, here you go. You […]

Lightyear One solar powered electric car – exclusive first look | Fully Charged

Hello and welcome to Fully Charged. Now we do get to go to some amazing places to see incredible new cars, bikes, inventions, renewable energy stuff… generally we’re in kind of big industrial estates or disused airfields or on the city street and it’s really busy today we’ve come somewhere slightly more salubrious. What we’re […]