BMW M3 E92 V8 – Davide Cironi Drive Experience (ENG.SUBS)

The question is: had a M3 which weighs 1655 kg, is V8-powered, has curvy lines, flappy-paddle gearbox and 420bhp at 8300 rpm the reason to exist? What was their point? I guess their point was to impress under the thrust and power points, followed by a very “bossy” sound. It appears to be friendly, it’s […]

Mercedes C63 AMG Coupe 2020 NEW FULL Review Interior Exterior Infotainment

2020 MERCEDES AMG C63 S | FULL REVIEW + SOUND Exhaust Interior Exterior

2018 BMW M4 Competition Package Test Drive | Edmunds

CARLOS LAGO: The world of sports cars and sports coupes has changed dramatically since the M4 first came out. And that’s exactly what this one is right here. It’s a 2018 M4 with the competition pack. Now, what does that mean? Well, for 2018, you get these new LED lights on the front, which don’t […]

Rolls Royce – 380.000 EUR – V12 BiTurbo

How much was the car? The car was somewhere at 2 million Euros…2.5 MILLION EUROS? But, I must admit that I received a small discount … because I bought two (cars) How much does 0-100 Km / h have? YES, AND I GET THE BIGGEST SPIT IN MY FACE… I HAD SPIT IN MY FACE, […]

Nissan GTR 600 DE CAI

It puts a smile on your face And now it has 50 extra horses? Yes OMG!!! So today we make a vlog with a GTR Nissan GTR Yes. Together with… Cosmin We’re dealing with a Nissan GTR From what year? Yes, since 2010 When did you buy this Nissan GTR? Six years ago I bought […]

This BMW Build Just Changed the Game

– Taking cars of years past, and throwing current-day technology into them isn’t new. But doing so can strike a nerve with purists. So, what do you do when you want to put a modern twist on a classic BMW from the 80’s, a BMW E30 M3? Well, you go off and solicit the help […]

BMW M5 – Everything You Need To Know | Up to Speed

(car engine revs) – It’s the super sedan that turned the car world on its head and made BMW the German sports car masters. While its little brother gets all the racing cred, this big, fast A F Sedan proved to the world that you didn’t need to be a lil coupe to have fun […]

Most Legendary BMWs Ever Made | The Bestest

– I love BMWs. I grew up fixing them with my dad, I’ve owned two of them so far, and I plan on owning many more. They are the pinnacle of performance driving. (funky music) And this week, on The Bestest, I’m covering every legendary BMW that has solidified the brand as a leader in […]