Haschak Sisters – Diary (Official Music Video)

(music) Waiting on that letter from the college of my dreams I’m hoping I’m wishing Maybe she can hand me down her jeep Top Down and I’m singing Some days I’m happy and excited wanna shout it out but I write it down Ya some days I don’t know what will happen if I dream […]

Your Spot for Porsche, Mercedes-Benz, and Audi in Madison WI

Dancing with God

Paul: This church was looking for a liturgical dance director. …and I applied for it. I was interviewed and I ended up getting hired. Then I’m kind of wondering what does this mean. Because I didn’t really know… I did some research. I did what spoke to me. Because some of what I saw really […]

Haschak Sisters – I Wanna Dance

I’ll never learn I think we should just give up this is too hard ya what are you guys complaining about we can hear you crying across the park we’re not crying me and Olivia’s talent show is tomorrow ya and we don’t even know the dance hold up that’s it Don’t make it so […]