PEUGEOT 5008 SUV | Radio and Media Voice Recognition

Voice recognition allows you to control the radio or media on your USB stick or phone. Listen to France Inter. Listen to artist Madonna. And straight away it searches for the Madonna album on my USB stick. I can use a Toggle Switch to go into my media environment, and I see that the artist […]

Road test Volkswagen Golf GTI Cabriolet (english subtitled)

Back in 1976, VW put a 110 HP engine in their best selling car. That became the Golf GTI, and eventually a legend. With many followers. 3 years later they introduced the Golf convertible, which became an icon as well. Why did nobody get the idea to combine those two? Well, finally, that happens. Today, […]

Car Audi Fail

Media… No! Akon, Song, Media… No! Playlist.. No! I am not going to turn on my TV, i am going to play me.. Music! Music!! I am commanding you to shut up! SHUT UP!! NO! I HATE YOU! NO!! Music! Nickelback! Not map… NICKEL BACK!! 2Pac! Oh no.. ooh no! Playlist… Why? No! Now it […]

How the 2020 Audi RS6 Avant Could Resurrect the American Wagon | WheelHouse

– The Station Wagon was once the vehicle of choice for the American family but it went away with a whimper. R.I.P On the heels of Audi announcing their RS6 Avant coming to America, finally, the wagon has stepped in the spotlight once again. (upbeat music) But what caused the wagon’s demise in the first […]

How Microsoft empowers media and entertainment organizations to achieve more

[MUSIC]>>Take a deep breath and create something amazing. The digital transformation of media and entertainment has brought new challenges and new opportunities. [MUSIC]>>With Microsoft as a partner, organizations are empowered to achieve more through inspired creativity, content, and experiences. [MUSIC]>>Automated workflows and data-driven insights, augment human ingenuity and liberate imagination. [MUSIC]>>Productivity tools enable remote teams […]

Changing Media and Entertainment Technology Landscape | Manas Bhargava | Zinnov

Hello everyone my name is Manas and I work with the MESP practice of Zinnov I’m here to talk about the media and entertainment industry Now if we look at the media and entertainment industry, its rapidly changing Ubiquity of internet, penetration of mobile devices, shift in consumer preferences wherein video has become the primary […]

Are Electric Motor Swaps the Future of Tuning? | WheelHouse

– Ferrari swapped Toyota’s. A Tesla swapped Honda. (upbeat music) How do I look? – [Man] Sexy. – Swapping an electric motor into an old gas guzzler is a fun novelty. Technology is getting better and cheaper and electric cars are beating some of the fastest gas super cars off the line. But is really […]

Top 5 Worst Rappers Of All-Time

pow hey good evening star report Friday night welcome to the gun show yeah the gun shows back I’ve been in the gym all week getting buff okay um Here I am broadcasting live out of Atlanta GA the home of whoa Vicki yeah a pussy how could never huh I’m a day one whoa […]

How Azure is innovating the Media & Entertainment industry

Alright. Here we go! Roll sound! We are rolling sound. Quiet! Speeding. One-twenty take seven! Ready. And… Action! Cloud Champions is set to be the blockbuster of the summer. It’s a complex, visual effects heavy project shot around the world, but this production is supported by Microsoft Azure and partners, so the process is secure, […]

Working in the Arts, Media and Entertainment Industry

Isaac has loved art and drawing since he was a kid … so he decided to become a graphic designer. After graduating high school, Isaac earned a bachelor’s degree in graphic design … to learn design theory and gain practice with the tools graphic designers use. In his job, he combines art and technology to […]