Your Spot for Porsche, Mercedes-Benz, and Audi in Madison WI

The Man Who Brought BMW, Mercedes-Benz, and Porsche To America

The post-war baby boomer generation brought wealth and success to the United States of America and as such people wanted cars. They didn’t want the cheap and sad machines built in the wartime era they wanted the cars of the future and to one man Maximilian Hoffman he already had that planned this is the […]

Audi Presents: An Avant Story

Everyone has their own story, how they got to this moment. Mine began, before I can even remember. My father, my mother, and me. Our family, together. In her love, in his strength, my passion was instilled. Many other times and many other places, that wouldn’t be true. But here, always, it was. For me […]

Audi e-tron World Premiere

hello you have a nice time on the boat yeah let me hear you yeah so greetings and warm welcome to San Francisco Bay thank you for being part of this important evening for Audi in let’s say exciting moment a big thank you to Scott Q and his team who organized this and host […]

1954 Mercedes-Benz 300SL Gullwing found in storage unit! | Barn Find Hunter – Ep. 32

you know born fun or we find lots of vehicles or like you know Falcons and Chevelle’s and we’re like to find you know rare cars but we don’t you don’t have a choice we finally find and we’re about to see a car that we can’t tell you who owns it and we can’t […]

Sultan Of Brunei Car Auction

nineteen ninety three Honda NSX With – oh we don’t know how many miles on the clock AC Ace Nineteen ninety 5 153 miles AMG SLK two thirty but with a three point six straight six with only one thousands kilometers and another one the same engine nineteen ninety seven and another one again – […]

2019/2020 Mercedes GLE | 4Matic AMG Line FULL REVIEW Interior Exterior Infotainment

[Music] black Mercedes best GLD with the AMG Sport package with AMG Sport Package you get a more aggressive front bumper with beautiful design elements side skirts 22 inch rims and AMG rear bumper the interior is also completely new there’s the new widescreen cockpit with two twelve point three inch screens it has the […]

What’s inside the SECRET Mercedes Vault?

365ft Barn, dusty Jaguar E-Types and an angry opossum | Barn Find Hunter – Ep. 20

– Whoa. – [Man] (squeals and laughs) (car engine revving) (rock music) – I mean, this is what dreams are made of. Riding on a road and seeing two headlights staring at you like this. – This building is longer than a football field, it’s 365 feet long. – Steve used to be on Dale […]

2019 Mercedes AMG G63 Edition 1 – SOUND NEW FULL Review Interior Exterior Infotainment