Ringkampf: BMW M5 vs. Audi RS7 Sportback vs. Mercedes E 63 AMG S (2014)

Porsche History – From Austria to Germany

The Porsche, initially born in Gmund, Austria, was transferred in 1952 to Zuffenhausen, near, Stuttgart, maintained hand-crafted production. The young Ferry overtook the company, after the death of his father Ferdinand. While Ferry’s son Ferdinand Alexander, called Butzi, became responsible of the design and style office. Also Ferdinand Piech, another Ferdinand’s grandson, joined the team […]

Porsche History – The beginnings

In the car history, the horse figure doesn’t only represent Ferrari. There is also the female horse, the symbol of the city of Stuttgart, in the middle of the Porsche shield together with deer’s horns and black and red stripes, the emblems of Baden Wurttemberg, the region where the German car producer is based. Porsche […]

Audi Presents: The Gift Tester

(holiday jingle) – A few more is okay. Oh, hi there. Welcome to the North Pole! Did you expect the big guy? Sorry, kiddos. I’m his director of elven resources and I’ll be straight with you. This year we’ve got so much going on at the North Pole, we’re looking for some extra hands. Someone […]

Mercedes SLS Roadster vs Audi R8 Spyder

Well, this is basically a luxury problem: I’m having two amazing cars here, but I can only drive one. So I had to call someone, and I was doubting and doubting who to call. But then I got Sasha on the phone. – This is pure enjoyment, it’s an amazing car! He was all like, […]

The Experimental Safety Vehicle: A Milestone in Research

Today we have the great honour to be here in front of the Vehicle Safety Technology Centre (TFS) in Sindelfingen. This is the new ESV 2019 based on the new GLE, the V 167; it not only looks spectacular with LiDAR-sensors on the roof, but has plenty more to offer inside. ESV stands for Experimental […]

Mercedes-AMG S63 vs BMW M760 – DRAG RACE, ROLLING RACE & BRAKE TEST | Head-to-Head

I’m in a Mercedes AMG S63 and that is a BMW M760li I’m rear wheel drive, he’s all wheel drive But hey, we’re gonna have a drag race anyway Now for more videos like this click on our logo to subscribe to our Channel and make sure you hit the bell icon so you are […]