World’s Best Driver Movie | Hot Wheels World’s Best Driver | Hot Wheels

Hey we gotta Go! Whoooo! Dude, what are you doing? I got my bike stuck up in the tree. Come on we gotta go! Tracking Team Green, they’re moving fast. Let’s beat Green back to headquarters. You are clear to enter headquarters. The Hotwheels Test Facility is the proving ground for the most high performance […]

CRAZY CAMARO COMPETITION! | Hot Wheels City: Season 2 | Episode 7

(dramatic electric guitar music) (cars zooming) – That car is gorgeous. – [Man Two] Oh, you mean the grand prize to the Hot Wheels 50th Anniversary Street Race? – When is it, today? – Today? – Today! – It’s today! – Oh, jeepers! – [Man Two] Look at all the cool Camaros. Have a look […]

HOT WHEELS MONSTER TRUCKS COME TO LIFE! | Monster Trucks Live: Texas | Hot Wheels

(monster truck engines roaring) – [Announcer] Are you ready? Welcome to Hot Wheels Monster Trucks Live. – Who’s ready for some wheelies? (audience cheering) Go big, go hot wheels. (heavy rock music) (engines roaring) The next competition’s donuts. Go big, go hot wheels. (southern rock music) (engines roaring) It’s now time for Hot Wheels holeshot […]