Jeep Wrangler Mirror Replacement 2007-2017

Greetings! I’m Geofatboy. I took my Jeep to the car wash the other day to get it cleaned up. Well when I came out of the car wash I noticed that something didn’t look the same as it did when I went into that car wash! Let’s check it out- Looks good on this side, […]

2016 2017 Honda Accord —– Front Bumper Removal Replace install How to Remove

Replacement bumper clips can be found on Amazon. Link in Description Below.

DIY Audi A6 C6/4F wing mirror disassembly

Welcome to my channel today I will disassemble the side mirror I will first remove the glass why do I do it? because the diodes below do not glow I do not know exactly the name of this option illuminates downwards unlocking the car lights up to see where you’re stepping unfortunately they do not […]

Volkswagen Golf MK7 lowering mirror in reverse

Hi! Today we are in Golf MK7 GTI and I’m going to show you a feature called tilting rear view mirror on the passenger side. This feature should help you park your car when you are in reverse. The passenger side mirror will tilt down so we can better see where you are going, not […]

How to Change Mirror Signal VW Volkswagen

hello and welcome to my channel in this video I will show you how to replace the signal on the mirror of a Volkswagen press the two clips on the inside and remove the mirror case remove the sockets that feed the mirror dismantling after that we remove the mirror that is also supported by […]

How to Replace Power Side Mirrors 06-11 Honda Civic 4 Door Sedan

Hi, I’m Mike from 1A Auto. We’ve been selling auto parts for over 30 years! To remove this master window switch, there is a tab that is fitting under the door panel on this side, and there’s a clip on this side, so it needs to be lifted up this way first, and then lift […]

Toyota Accessories – Auto Dimming Rear View Mirror

[Upbeat music plays] Nighttime driving can be tough on drivers. Hazards like headlight glare in your rear view mirror can reduce your visibility and cause discomfort and fatigue. A Toyota-approved Auto-Dimming Rear View Mirror can help diminish eyestrain and improve your nighttime driving safety. Sophisticated sensors built into the Auto-Dimming Rear View Mirror are designed […]

BTS ‘Silver Spoon (Baepsae)’ mirrored Dance Practice

They call me tryhard Been hated on? This generation “Hurry up, chase em” Thanks to the silver spoons I’m completely worn out They call me what? Tryhard Been hated on? This generation “Hurry up, chase em” My teach born as a silver spoon Get a part-time job, it don’t pay Go to school, the teachers […]

BTS ‘Dope’ mirrored Dance Practice

Mm, welcome! You’re new to Bangtan, right? Ayo ladies and gentlemen If you’re ready, call for me. Yeah Unlike all those other guys I do it with my own style, with my own style. Eh Oh! I worked overnight every day While you were out clubbing. Yeah Now, don’t get scared and listen to me […]