Why Are Ferraris So Expensive?

It’s the ultimate symbol of wealth, or douchebaggery depending on your personal tastes. Ferraris have been world renowned as the top luxury sports car brand in the world for almost eight decades, and the tell-tale sharp angles of its most modern high end models are impossible to miss. Ranging from a few hundred thousand dollars, […]

Why BMW Is No Longer The Leader In Luxury Sales

BMW has long called itself the ultimate driving machine, but lately it does not seem to be the ultimate destination for customers in the market for German luxury and performance. In 2016, BMW lost its crown as the top selling luxury brand around the world to fellow German rival Mercedes Benz. In 2012, the BMW […]

What Happened To The Hummer?

In the early 1990s, one of Hollywood’s biggest action stars pestered a U.S. defense contractor to sell him a truck the American military had famously used in a war with Iraq. And so America got the Hummer. The angular, militaristic go anywhere truck became an emblem of 1990s pop culture, a coveted status symbol sought […]


Hello Friends, Honda is one of the biggest automobile manufacturing company in the world. story of Honda founder Soichiro is really very inspiring So today i will share a story of him which i have read through a book and at the end of this video i will ask you about soichiro’s three quality which […]

GTA 5 Online: FBI Buffalo & FBI SUV (GTA V)

GTA 5 GTA V GTA5 GTAV Grand Theft Auto 5 Grand Theft Auto V GTA Online Grand Theft Auto Online GTA 5 Online How To Guide Walkthrough Best Secret Hidden Rarest Car Free Money Walkthrough TypicalGamer Typical Gamer AliA custom sports best rank up fast most money expesnive glitch guide hidden secret vehicle illuminati michael […]

Rooting Out Waste in Health Care by Taking Cue From Toyota

bjbjVwVw JEFFREY BROWN: And now a question you might not have pondered before: What can a medical center learn from an auto manufacturer? NewsHour health correspondent Betty Ann Bowser has the answer. BETTY ANN BOWSER: Sixty-three-year-old Robert Sherrell had no idea lower back pain could hurt so much. ROBERT SHERRELL, patient: I was like, wow, […]

Why America Is Falling Back In Love With SUVs

Truck and SUV sales have steadily increased since the end of the Great Recession. Passenger cars, on the other hand, have been declining since 2014. In fact, 2013 saw thehighest U.S. truck sales since 2005. This big spike in sales is forcing automakers to make big changes. Take General Motors, for example. GM announced in […]

The Rise And Fall Of The Toyota Prius

The Toyota Prius was the world’s first mass produced hybrid car, and it still might be the most famous of all time. But in recent years it has become a victim of a changing market and perhaps its own success. The nameplate was once synonymous with hybrids and a symbol of the automotive future. The […]