Halloween Freeze Dance for Children | Freeze Dance Music That Stops | Dance Songs for Kids

Let’s play the Halloween Freeze Game! Alright We’re going to do all kinds of fun Halloween Actions! But remember to stop when I sayyyyyy BOO! Now everybody get ready to FLY! Fly Fly Witches Fly Witches fly Witches Fly Witches fly around the room But stop when I Sayyyyy BOO Everybody Get Ready To MARCH! […]

Oopsie Doopsie Halloween Dance Song + More Spooky Halloween Music for Kids

Oopsie Doopsie Halloween Dance Song

Godzilla: King of the Monsters – Knock You Out – Exclusive Final Look

– ♪ Don’t call it a– ♪ – Mothra. – ♪ Don’t call it a– ♪ – Ghidorah. – ♪ Don’t call it a– ♪ – Rodan. – ♪ Don’t call it a– ♪ – You got a catchy name for thi? – My God– – Zilla. ♪ Don’t call it a comeback ♪ ♪ […]

Sesame Street: Irish Step Dance School | Murray Had a Little Lamb

SINGERS: Murray has a little lamb. MAN: Yo, Murray has a little lamb, who wears a little bow. SINGERS: Go, Murray. MAN: Together they go everywhere amigos like to go. SINGERS: M– M– Murray. MAN: He follows her to school each day, they run, they spin, they leap. SINGERS: Go, Murray! MAN: Yo, everybody loves […]

My Singing Monsters: Reviving Loodvigg (Celestial Island)

(Just wait…) Your Celestial is ready to be revived! Would you like to go to Celestial Island? *yes* *Syncopite plays* Yeah I’m not doing this… Why do you still have subtitles on? These aren’t even funny because I’m bad at jokes. Goodbye, then. You should also check out the poll I made before you leave […]