Audi Mission to the Moon – The next level of quattro

All conditions are perfect conditions. So far. But soon, the journey of quattro will start the next chapter and face its biggest challenge yet: the moon Tough surfaces and extreme temperatures put every machine and to the ultimate test gravel sand snow. quattro has mastered them all. But lunar regolith moon dust is the toughest […]

Audi Mission to the Moon: Audi Apollo

Mission Control, come in. Departing for expedition. Over. Mission go. All data looks beautiful. Channels clear. Over. Armstrong .. 1969. Apollo 17 .. 1972. Mission Control: discovery made. Audi .. quattro.

Toyota How-To: Moon Roof Operation | Toyota

– [Announcer] The controls for your moon roof on your Toyota are located in the overhead console. It also includes a sunshade that be opened and closed manually. It’ll open automatically when the moon roof is opened. To open the moon roof, press and hold the button for about a second. It’ll open to a […]

Singing songs with children | Early Years music education

Let’s go walking on the moon BOING! [Sung] Walking on the moon, BOING Walking on the moon, BOING One step, two steps, Off we go Walking on the moon, BOING Did you know that on the moon there are crunchy bits, and squidgy bits, smooth bits, and bumpy bits, flat bits, and swirly bits! Make […]

[King of masked singer] 복면가왕 – ‘Tell them I’m Dragon King’ 2round! – Moon of Seoul 20160103

Tonight looking at the moon That melancholy moon You’re just lonely as I am Living with an empty heart Lying down in an empty room Just think about things like this and that Heavy sigh and exhaling smoke Another day passed again Nothing has been done My love have left me too Reflecting the moon […]

The Cold War – OverSimplified (Part 1)

I’ve decided that in order to sell more merch, I should do a face reveal wearing it. So are you ready? Here we go! Boom. New minimalist and Cold War merch available now. And get the new limited edition Churchill character pin before it sells out, with more characters coming in the future. Link in […]