365ft Barn, dusty Jaguar E-Types and an angry opossum | Barn Find Hunter – Ep. 20

– Whoa. – [Man] (squeals and laughs) (car engine revving) (rock music) – I mean, this is what dreams are made of. Riding on a road and seeing two headlights staring at you like this. – This building is longer than a football field, it’s 365 feet long. – Steve used to be on Dale […]

A 1.1-mile Private Racetrack In His Front Yard — JALOPNIK ON /DRIVE

[MUSIC PLAYING] ALAN WILZIG: So here, down at turn two, flat– turn three, rather, no camber. Down the back straightaway and then on to the banking, which we do like the Marino corner, which is to say the first third. You’re on the upper lane, the middle third, you’re in the middle lane, and your […]