TOYOTA GAZOO Racing | Dakar Diaries Ep 12: The Cockpit (Stage 10)

Marathon Day 1. No service tonight, be careful with your car. But, just one kilometre into Stage 10, Fernando went flying. Slightly damaged suspension as well as a broken windscreen showed the car is tough. It was a bad day for Nasser as well. In contention, he and opening car Peterhansel got seriously lost. Struggling […]

TOYOTA GAZOO Racing | Dakar Diaries Ep 14: The Resume (Stage 12)

Dakar 2020. New horizons and a new host country, Saudi Arabia. The battle will be fought over 7,000 kilometres between the four-wheel drive Toyota Hilux and the two-wheel drive buggies. A rookie rolled. There were plenty of punctures. And spectacular scenery. Fernando Alonso had the world’s eyes watching his progress which was halted on Stage […]

TOYOTA GAZOO Racing | Dakar Diaries Ep 10: The Improvement (Stage 8)

After the tragedy of Stage 7, the bikes sat out Stage 8, meaning an extra challenge for the cars with no tracks to follow. Nasser was quickly delayed by soft sand, but soon was out to discover Sainz in front of him even more stuck. For the rest of the stage, Nasser opened and was […]

TOYOTA GAZOO Racing | Dakar Diaries Ep 11: The Challenge (Stage 9)

An exceptional Stage 9 from Nasser Al-Attiyah who, despite being 11th on the road, pushed incredibly hard to be in contention throughout the stage. He missed the win by 15 seconds but took six minutes and 16 out of Sainz’s lead. We tried to decide, you know, to really to push hard, at least to […]

TOYOTA GAZOO Racing | Dakar Diaries Ep 8: The Break (Rest Day)

Rest Day, Dakar 2020. My first intention, the goal this Dakar was to see how competitive and how can I, myself adapt to rally after being adapting to oval racing and to endurance racing and different disciplines. Yesterday for example being after 470 kilometres, four minutes away from Nasser. It was something unthinkable for me […]

TOYOTA GAZOO Racing | Dakar Diaries Ep 3: The Navigation (Stage 2)

Over the years, technology has really played into the hands of the co-drivers, allowing them to so much more preparation throughout the night before as they receive the road book at about 8 o’clock the night before each stage. Today, we reverse that. The road book is only available to co-drivers 15 minutes before the […]

TOYOTA GAZOO Racing | Dakar Diaries Ep 4: The Car (Stage 3)

Dakar Saudi Arabia Stage 3. Winner yesterday, Giniel led the cars away but struggled to make tracks and was eventually passed by Nasser and the others. You know once they passed me about kilometre 300, and from there I just followed them. So it was easy to follow them then once we were behind. Bernhard’s […]

TOYOTA GAZOO Racing | Dakar Diaries Ep 2: The Start (Stage 1)

It’s about 9:30 in the morning. We’re about 200 kilometres north of Jeddah. And the first cars have already headed into the desert, led by our own Nasser Al-Attiyah, champion from last year. And on the start line, Fernando Alonso, and his Dakar is just about to begin. Come on Fernando! And ease into the […]

TOYOTA GAZOO Racing | Dakar Diaries Ep 6: The Service (Stage 5)

Long days sometimes means early mornings and long shadows. Here we are at the start of the Stage 5, before the start of Stage 5. The cars have left the bivouac and driven up to a point where the service truck is placed. And that period is a shakedown for the cars having been rebuilt […]

TOYOTA GAZOO Racing | Dakar Diaries Ep 5: The Mechanics (Stage 4)

Some days are tougher than others for the mechanics. And loop stages like Day 3 means that they don’t have to move anywhere. The bivouac stays in the same place. But once the cars arrive back from the stage, it’s all hands to the pump. The technicians do have a checklist. As soon as the […]