The Rise Of Toyota

This little speed demon is called the Supra, the Supra is a two seat sports car stuffed with BMW parts that can go from a complete standstill to 60 miles per hour in an estimated 4.1 seconds. And it is, of all things, a Toyota. The car just began rolling out to dealerships in July […]

Why Volkswagen Is Betting On Electric Vehicles

Every year, the Volkswagen Group is a top contender for the title of world’s largest automaker. The group owns not only the Volkswagen brand for which it is named, but eleven other brands. Hailing from seven European countries, the group sells cars, commercial vehicles and even motorcycles. It operates 133 manufacturing plants around the world […]

VW′s emissions-cheating software found in Porsche cars: EPA 폴크스바겐 배출가스 조작 스캔들

There′s more trouble for Volkswagen,… as U.S. regulators are now saying they have found more models fitted with the emissions-rigging software that disgraced the German automaker. And for the first time, Porsche models are also said to be involved. Kwon Jang-ho has the details. The Environmental Protection Agency on Monday said ″Volkswagen has once again […]

Official Trailer | BTS: Burn The Stage

J-Hope: Billboard! News anchor: BTS continued overseas tour after won Top Social Artist Award. ♪ Fire ♪ ♪ Burn it all ♪

Marvel Movies, TV, and Animation Launching on Disney+! | Earth’s Mightiest Show

LANGSTON BELTON: So much Marvel goodness available at launch on the new Disney+ streaming service. Hey, what’s up, everyone? I am Langston Belton, and this is Earth’s Mightiest Show. Disney+ goes live on November 12, and I have got all of the updates from Marvel Studios, animation, live-action, and beyond Marvel, including wild finds from […]

Woman Attacked by Bison Months After Date Was Gored at Same Utah Park

Image zoom  What started as a date to watch the sunset ended in a trip to the hospital after a woman was gored by a bison — at the very same location her date was attacked months earlier  Kayleigh Davis, 22, was running along the Lakeside trail at Antelope Island State Park in Utah Friday […]

Spicer talks ‘Dancing with the Stars’ after being voted off

Top 10 highest rated 2019 Chinese costume dramas so far [Chinese Entertainment Update]

Hi guys, Marcus here and welcome to Chinese Entertainment Update November 11th 2019 edition. In this edition, I answer a question from one of you, a fan who supports my channel by contributing on my Patreon page. Today’s question comes from Littlemonkeyninja, who asks: Thank you for your question, Laura, and yes I do. If […]