JUST DANCE 2020 FULL GAME REACTION (all EXTREMES versions 😱 + All Stars & Kids modes)

Dina: Hyperventilating here. Hugo: Yeah, it’s like you’re pregnant or something. Dina: I’m about to deliver a baby Hugo: yeah you’re gonna deliver Both: named Just Dance 2020! Drey: I need help… Wait! I need water… Dina: can we ever start with you? Hugo: Okay people. Dina: Okay people, this is the big discovery of […]

Nintendo Entertainment System :: RGB 202 / MY LIFE IN GAMING

– If you were born in the 80s, then there’s a pretty good chance that your first gaming memories were made with the Nintendo Entertainment System. Whether you call it the NES, “Original Nintendo,” or just “Nintendo,” there’s no denying that this 8-bit machine and it’s amazing library played one of the biggest roles in […]

JUST DANCE 2020 TRAILERS REACTION! (7 Rings & Mayores spoiler alert!!)

Hello hello, hello again! This year… This month… This week… this day… I have tried the hardest, because we’re currently the 17 of October and it’s 5PM in France and I still didn’t look at the new videos except that I got a spoiler not on the internet No, no, not on Instagram, because I […]

New Entertainment Center Idea or My Living Room, Solved! (Part 2) – Game Room Ideas

As I showed in a previous video over the years my living room has devolved. Each addition of a modern system is forced to share space on the same open shelf to avoid overheating problems. This is counter to the purpose of having a dresser here in the first place. The addition of the Xbox […]

How to set up your home entertainment system

This video will show you how to set up your home entertainmentand surround sound system.We’ll show you how to set up your home entertainment equipmentand how to connect your devices to the internetif they are internet-enabled.If you have an amplifier for a surround sound system,plug the attached power cable into a powerpoint.Then connect your speakers […]

NES – Nintendo Entertainment System – Chronicles of Gaming

Tucked away in the of city Kyoto, a small company intent on creating traditional Japanese playing cards arose, Nintendo. Nintendo, meaning “Leave Luck to Heaven”, eventually decided to get into the Video Game market, but at the worst possible time. The Atari 2600 and a lack of quality control had completely crashed the gaming market […]

JUST DANCE 2020 TRAILERS REACTION! (fun & sad facts edition)

Hello! Hello! How are you? How are you? Oh it’s awesome, really? Nice! Me too! I’m fine. Thank you Weekly rendez-vous for new trailers of Just Dance 2020 First of all, before we start A: I would like to thank our sponsor So I’m gonna thank… nobody! Okay first, before we start discovering new trailers […]

Visteon Dockable Entertainment Featuring Game Boy Advance / MY LIFE IN GAMING

from its release in 1989 the game boy stormed the Market became the portable Gaming unit to have No longer where you can find your living room if you want to enjoy some good old Nintendo Gaming as the years went on the game boy named would persevere, and we see the hardware upgraded and […]

SML Movie: Jeffy’s Bike!

Jeffy: Hey, Daddy Mario: *sigh* What do you want Jeffy? Jeffy: We got our report cards today at school! Mario: (WHA) You get your report card? Jeffy: Yeah! Mario: Is it bad? Jeffy: Well it’s not good! Mario: *sigh* Let me see it, Jeffy? Jeffy: All right Daddy. Mario: *sigh* Jeffy: Here you go, Daddy! […]

JUST DANCE 2020 TRAILERS REACTION! (Soy Yo & a new russian song & …)

Here we go again! Hello people! One week has past and I think we are on for a new ritual: every Thursday, new Just Dance gameplays yaaay! Because I heard there’s two new trailers… two new extracts, and a little birdy called Luis told me that there’s a third bonus extract already online about a […]