Audi “RS7” TDI INSANE Launch Controls!

Hi guys, I’m CarloDelucis and welcome to this new video! Top Marques looked like to be over, we were going home but luckily we didn’t! We stumbled across this insane group of cars! And now I’ll show you that epic Audi RS7! Only one thing: it’s a diesel! What an insane car! Really unique! I […]

2018 Mercedes-Benz AMG CLS 53 review – new 429bhp AMG worthy of the name? | Autocar

Welcome then to the inside of a Mercedes AMG CLS 53, Mercedes AMG 53 CLS? It’s the new Mercedes CLS, welcome inside it. It’s a 53 because it’s not a 43 which is a halfway house AMG but it’s not a 63 which is the full fat AMG, this is a 53. The significance of […]

Ferrari GTC4 Lusso T review | Living with 602bhp V8 everyday supercar | Autocar

You join me on a crisp, cold English winter’s day, which is perfect for using – apparently – the everyday Ferrari. This is it. This is a Ferrari, but it’s a Ferrari you can use even in crummy conditions like these. It’s called the GTC4 Lusso T, it’s a four seater Ferrari, and this is […]

La Fabbrica di Vedove: Porsche 911 Turbo 3.3 (930) – Davide Cironi Drive Experience (SUBS)

If I had to explain to somebody what a 1980s turbo was in a few kilometers, I would probably let him drive this car: Porsche 3.3, 300 horsepower, turbo without filters, straight from the 1980s madness. It’s black, it has a huge rear spoiler, it’s drop-dead gorgeous… This is a real Turbo: you can feel […]

Lamborghini Aventador challenge 3: the drag race

So to recap on what we’ve done so far with our pair of Aventadors. On week one, we showed you how far and how high they could jump. On week two, we found out how much noise they make. And this week, it’s all about how fast they are against one another. So, you didn’t […]

Lamborghini Aventador challenge 2: the noise test

Last week we showed you how far and how high a pair of Lamborghini Aventadors can jump. This week it’s all about how much noise they can generate. So, how loud is the coupe individually. Thank you. Ah, 108 decibels. Let’s try the Roadster. Amazingly, it does 108. All right. Let’s do them both together […]