How to Reset Maintenance Required Light in a Toyota

Hey guys, ChrisFix here Today I am going to show you how to reset the “maintenance required” on your Toyota we’ll be using a Toyota Tacoma as an example but this will work on most Toyotas the maintenance required light comes on when you need an oil change so after you change the oil, it […]

Volkswagen Touareg II (7P) estimated mileage check

If you can access hidden green menu in your Volkswagen Touareg II then you can calculate estimated mileage of your car. Press and hold buttons SETUP and CAR to enter RNS-850 hidden menu. Now go to environment, hdd, smart, viewsmart, scroll down and make note of two values: „Power on hours” and „Power cycles”. Next […]

Toyota How-To: Trip Meter | Toyota

The button on the lower ride side of the instrument panel changes the display of the odometer and trip meters. When the odometer is displayed, pressing it once will display Trip A, and pressing it a second time will display Trip B. This allows you to record and display distances independently. To reset either Trip […]