Rahja Performs “U Can’t Touch This” by MC Hammer | Lip Sync Battle Shorties | Nick

[crowd cheering] This way, we can’t touch that! Oh, guys, we really shouldn’t be here. Wait, wait, stop! ♪ You can’t touch this ♪ [music playing] ♪ Can’t touch this ♪ ♪ Can’t touch this ♪ ♪ Can’t touch this ♪ ♪ My, my, my my music hits me so hard Makes me say, “Oh […]

Chippendales Audition – SNL

THROW IT BACK DANCE (Everytime this song plays) | Ranz and Niana

NIANA THROW IT BACK Okay Okay! Okay!! Okay!!! Ey Ey! Ey! Ey!! Whoo Eyy “Laugh” Stop it! NIANA! THROW IT BACK!! Eyy Whooo Ey! Ey! Ey! Whoo!!! “Laugh” STOP! NIANA!! THROW IT BACK!!! C’mon “Laugh” Okay Okay Whooo Ey Ey C’mon Ey! Ey!! Whoo!!! “Laugh” What is that pose? NIANA!!! THROW ITBACK!!! Ok Okay Ey! […]