Ferrari 360 Modena – Davide Cironi Drive Experience (SUBS)

Ferrari 360 Modena eligible dream until some year ago unless you want one with this thing one of the last, actually the penultimate Maranello’s Berlinetta available with 6-speed manual gearbox with typical and classic Ferrari chromed selector gate

What a Tiny Triangle Above Your Plane Seat Means

Many of us think Flying is a great way to travel, but things can get dull if you wind up stuck on the tarmac waiting for takeoff. While you’re sitting there wondering if it would’ve taken any longer just to drive, you might notice a little triangular sticker above your window. Now, if you’ve never […]

In gara con la Giulia a Vallelunga (Alfa Revival Cup 2018) – Davide Cironi Drive Experience (SUBS)

We are here in Vallelunga, I’m going to race in the Alfa Revival Cup with this ’64 Giulia T.I. Look at Cajani… when will you buy something decent to film? We did some free sessions yesterday, it’s hard for me because I’ve never raced with cars like these: we are trying to understand each other, […]

Launch Control: Triple Threat – Episode 7.7

– [Narrator] On this episode. (engines rev) – We hope to keep the momentum from the last race, and we wanna carry it on. (engines rev) – [Sandell] When you start winning, everything except winning is not good. – [Spotter] Protect your inside, come on, come on, come on. – They gave me a penalty. […]

Launch Control: Home Turf – Episode 7.8

– [Narrator] On this episode. (dramatic music) (horn beeping) (Co-Driver calling pace notes) – Need to try and forget about Idaho, it was a disastrous weekend. Need to come back strong here. – Here at New England Forest this weekend, we have a very large field. – [Oliver] Full of energy now to come back […]

La Fabbrica di Vedove: Porsche 911 Turbo 3.3 (930) – Davide Cironi Drive Experience (SUBS)

If I had to explain to somebody what a 1980s turbo was in a few kilometers, I would probably let him drive this car: Porsche 3.3, 300 horsepower, turbo without filters, straight from the 1980s madness. It’s black, it has a huge rear spoiler, it’s drop-dead gorgeous… This is a real Turbo: you can feel […]

Launch Control: Turning a Corner – Episode 7.3

– [Narrator] On this episode (intense drumming music) – The competitiveness internally to the team can be a challenge sometimes to manage. They’re great teammates, but super-competitive on stage. (Denis dictating pacenotes to Oliver) (engine roaring) – We hit the bank really hard so I was like, nursing the car for the next 16 miles. […]

My friend Josh bought a LaFerrari Aperta!

What are the chances to see a LaFerrari Aperta and what are the chances to have the keys of one of those? I think I’m running out of words this time, I’m speechless! Just wow, look at that! Ciao everyone here it’s Marchettino and today I’m catching up with my friend Josh Cartu which is […]

Launch Control: A Surprise Signing – Episode 7.2

– [Narrator] On this episode. – We feel like we’ve got a really loaded program this year, a lot of competitive drivers, a team look and feel that’s new and exciting for a lot of people. (engine revving) – The hood just popped up and we didn’t understand anything. (Co-Driver calling pace notes) – It’s […]

Susie vs. Toto Wolff – AMG Suzuka Track Battle!

Where is the blinkers? Why do you need blinkers? Well, no, they are on. I have to switch them off. The hazard lights. Both blinkers on? No, just the hazard lights. I don’t know. Gee, thanks for being so helpful I am helpful Must be here somewhere I’ll put the window up for aerodynamics Ready? […]