TWICE TV ‘TDOONG Entertainment A&R Team’

Cleaning was the easiest, Assistant Manager JEONGYEON What should we eat today? Assistant Manager MOMO a.k.a chocolate lover Assistant Manager DAHYUN TDOONG Entertainment A&R Team Ver. It is famous that Manager JEONGYEON’s hobby is cleaning (Phew, too dirty;;) Who is receiving the daggering looks of Manager JEONGYEON? (As everyone expected) Manager MOMO Manager JEONGYEON, you […]


Some… Some Hey… *Bart turns on the megaphones* *Bart laughs* *a fly passes by, the megaphone rattles* BODY ONCE TOLD ME THE WORLD IS GONNA ROLL ME I AIN’T THE SHARPEST TOOL IN THE SHED SHE WAS LOOKING KINDA DUMB WITH HER FINGER AND HER THUMB IN A SHAPE OF AN “L” ON HER FOREHEAD […]

TWICE TV ‘TDOONG Entertainment Marketing Team’

The youngest big sister? Assistant manager NAYEON Thud Assistant manager SANA Free Soul Assistant manager CHAEYOUNG TDOONG Entertainment Marketing Team Ver. Q. Do you have any worries at work? Actually I am the most experienced and the oldest, but I’m called as the youngest big assistant manager. (Sadness explodes) I am the oldest and the […]