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(upbeat music) – [Narrator] The refreshed third generation Prius enters the 2012 model year with a number of styling updates and feature enhancements. Up front, you’ll find new headlamps framing a redesigned grill. The 2012 bumper features a wider opening and sharper corners to improve both the look and aerodynamics. And the new LED daytime […]

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Audio system. How to use the aux input. most portable cassette, CD, and electronic audio players with a mini plug headphone jack can be played through the audio system. Simply connect the audio player output to the vehicle aux input jack in the center console. If your portable device is playing but a different audio […]

2013 Land Cruiser How-To: Overview | Toyota

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(funky music) – The RAV4 six speed automatic transmission is designed to provide quiet driving, a smooth gear shift feel, and fuel efficiency during both highway and city driving. It can be used in drive or sequential operation, depending on driver preference. (gentle music) (shifter thudding) In D or drive operation it also features artificial […]