Nick Townsend Reveals Heartbreaking American Idol Audition Inspiration – American Idol on ABC

Hey, what’s up house go what’s your name, man? My name is Nick. Cool. Where are you from? I’m from Nebraska but I live in Los Angeles now and why are you here today? Tell us everything the reason I’m here today is For my brother’s I Have two brothers Me and my older brother […]

Office Hours: Cathy Naden and Sebastián Calderón Bentin on Forced Entertainment

Sebastian Calderon Bentin: So I am Sebastian Calderon Bentin and I teach in the Drama Department here at Tisch. Cathy Naden: And I’m Cathy Naden and I’m a founder member of Forced Entertainment from CN: Sheffield in the UK. SB: Well first I want to say on behalf of all of us that we’re SB: […]

Are Higher Speed Limits Safer? | WheelHouse

To some people, speed limits are an absolute necessity for keeping our roads safe, But is that actually the case? Where’d they come from, How do we set them, and do they work? I’m Nolan Sykes and this is WheelHouse. One of the first speeding infractions for a car was written in 1899. A bike […]

Singaporeans Try: Lion Dancing (CNY Special)

Hi guys! Hello! Yes! Chinese dance. Oh! Yes. Chinese dance too! Primary school. Band counted or not? Yah, same. I was in band. Oh, yah! O2Jam. Damn zai (good). I’m horrible. You know the Audition, or like those arcade games where you go. I always miss the thing. I think it’s… Low key Singaporean acrobatics. […]

Ellen’s Life-Changing Surprise for an Amazing New York City Dance Crew

If you’ve ever taken a New York subway, chances are you’ve seen our next guest. They are 10 dancers from the Bronx whose videos are constantly going viral. I said I wanted them here, but we couldn’t get a subway car all the way from New York, so we built one. Please welcome The Waffle […]

(Weekly Idol EP.310) BLACKPINK Random play dance FULL ver.

This time you’ve come back with “As If It’s Your Last” after 8 months? Right Please introduce (your new song). Who’s going to…? Who wants to do it? Well our song this time is called “As If It’s Your Last” Up until now, we’ve always showed a powerful, strong image but this time we went […]

Blake Shelton’s Singing Did Not Impress Kelly Clarkson

Ellen Meets Viral Singing Cops Michael & Moe

Our next guests are two police officers from Buffalo, New York who went viral after this video of them singing inside a restaurant was posted online. Please welcome officers Michael Norwood and Moe Badger. [MUSIC – TONI! TONI! TONE! – “FEELS GOOD”] Hi. How you doing? Good. Hi. That was fantastic. You rehearsed your walkout. […]

In the Internet age, dance evolves … | The LXD

(Music) (Applause) I’m Jon M. Chu. And I’m not a dancer, I’m not a choreographer — I’m actually a filmmaker, a storyteller. I directed a movie two years ago called “Step Up 2: The Streets.” Anybody? Anybody? Yeah! During that movie I got to meet a ton of hip-hop dancers — amazing, the best in […]