Porsche 911 Turbo S Cabriolet Walkaround

HI I’m Nick Edwards a Porsche Global Certified Brand Ambassador here at The Collection Porsche. And It’s my pleasure to introduce you to the 2018 911 Turbo S Cabriolet As you can see the car looks stunning. Here we have the chalk exterior color and the 911 S Turbo Cabriolet is the most powerful Cabriolet […]

Çakma Porsche Ama Belli Olmuyor | Çin’in Kopyaladığı 12 Otomobil | Bilgin Olsun

Our economy goes down with unemployment and infilation rates. That’s why sometimes we are buying the products we want as fakes. However there is a country which makes the “fake” economy work. Yes, I’m talking about China. Why are we going to the auto shows? To learn about new models, right? However, Chinese manifacturers have […]

2017 Porsche 718 Cayman Review | Edmunds

CARLOS LAGO: The Porsche Cayman has always been one of the most traditional sports cars in the brand’s lineup. Let’s see if this new version can live up to that promise. There are many changes for this next generation of the Cayman, but the one you’ll notice first is that it’s called the 718 Cayman. […]

The Differences Between Inline Four & Boxer Four Engines

Hello everyone and welcome! In this video we are going to be comparing inline four-cylinder engines with boxer 4-cylinder engines and talking about the individual advantages and disadvantages of each engine layout. We have a 3D printed EJ20 Subaru boxer engine as well as a 22RE Toyota inline four-cylinder engine we’ll start fairly basic and […]

2019 Porsche Cayenne Review | Test Drive | Edmunds

[MUSIC PLAYING] CARLOS LAGO: Right here is the all new third generation Porsche Cayenne. We’ve come all the way to Greece to drive it. But before we do that, let’s talk about what’s different between this version and the previous generation. Up front you have new headlights for the new character and the lights. You’ll […]

Your Spot for Porsche, Mercedes-Benz, and Audi in Madison WI

All new Porsche 911 type 992 eighth generation of this iconic sports car here’s a quick look

alright guys here is the new 911 99 to all new generation 84 911 and this is the interior they’ve had a massive rethink of the material of the interior so there’s only one analog dial there hope you can see that that’s the Tucker the rev counter everything else is digital as you can […]