Mes voitures préférées du Salon de l’Auto de Bruxelles

Here I am, back at Dream Cars. Tomorrow the Brussels Motor Show opens. Today is press day. Saturday it is Dream POG. You’re not allowed to get on the podium, no crossing the barriers. No getting on cars. 4000 people The Dream Pog video is coming soon Look at the size of the brake discs, […]

Volkswagen EA128

Were the 60’s, and Volkswagen made millions and millions of frames to sell their Beetle to baskets. The united states was one of the markets where small utilities more triumphed, along with its Transporter, that would end up becoming an icon of the hippie movement. It was a time of experiments for Volkswagen, and one […]

VW GOLF 2 vs AUDI R8 1/4 Mile Drag Race Viertelmeile Rennen Acceleration

NUOVA Audi A3, Fiat 500 Elettrica & Co: Le Auto più Attese del 2020 (ENG SUBS)

Hello dear We Drive friends, and welcome to a new video After a long time, we managed to meet all the 3 of us This makes me laugh, because it became harder and harder to meet each other lately Exactly, but this is a special occasion, today is Epiphany in Italy I don’t know if […]

Why audi gifted me this??- Dieselgate solution to European customers

Audi has just sent me this gift and, let’s see what’s inside… if we can open this it’s a little bit tricky here okay yeah there it is. So nice gloves from… Audi which are red and oh they are from the Audi Sport clothing and well here it says I can use them also […]

PORSCHE 911: Visiting Porsche Club Finland

Welcome to the Silent D Motor Show. I’m your host Silent D. In this episode we’re in beautiful Helsinki, Finland, checking out the iconic Porsche 911. In the last season I dove the Porsche 550 Spyder Replica. That was a copy of course. This however is the real deal! A 1984 Porsche 911 Carrera 3.2. […]

Audi e-tron, Mercedes-Benz EQC and Tesla Model S and X – German car industry needs to raise its game

Hi there and greetings from Germany! My name is Florian and today I want to talk to you about the Audi e-Tron, the Mercedes EQC and Tesla. Tesla released their first proper electric car in 2012, the Model S. Now, 7 years later the German competition released their take on a comparable electric car. Sadly, […]

DT Test Drive — Lamborghini Urus. Новый король SUV?

What’s there to do if there are too many G-Class SUVs around, Cayenne isn’t brutal enough and Bentley is too slow… Lamborghini provided a solution. We’re at their factory today. This is Dragtimes test-drive, this is new Lamborghini Urus. Curb weight [DIN-CURB]

Top 5 sedan hạng sang 2020: Đại chiến Mercedes S Class, Audi A8 và 2020 BMW 7 Series

Top Luxury Sedan 2020: S Class vs A8 vs 7 Series