Porsche History – From Austria to Germany

The Porsche, initially born in Gmund, Austria, was transferred in 1952 to Zuffenhausen, near, Stuttgart, maintained hand-crafted production. The young Ferry overtook the company, after the death of his father Ferdinand. While Ferry’s son Ferdinand Alexander, called Butzi, became responsible of the design and style office. Also Ferdinand Piech, another Ferdinand’s grandson, joined the team […]

How Porsche Design’s unwavering passion shaped the Mate RS phone

It’s very easy to dismiss the $1,880-plus Porsche Design Huawei Mate RS as an expensive smartphone with flashy branding; but that would do it considerable injustice. To understand why, you’ll need to understand Porsche Design’s philosophy: For it to be anything less than 100 percent involved in a project would be unthinkable. We spent some […]

Part 4 – Engine Removal – 356 Speedster Replica (S1E19)

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Porsche History – The beginnings

In the car history, the horse figure doesn’t only represent Ferrari. There is also the female horse, the symbol of the city of Stuttgart, in the middle of the Porsche shield together with deer’s horns and black and red stripes, the emblems of Baden Wurttemberg, the region where the German car producer is based. Porsche […]

How do you say PORSCHE? – VLOG | Xtreme Xperience

– Hey guys, so we’re getting ready to head to NJMP and we’re gonna ask some of our fans who are actually driving this 991 GT3, how much they know about the car but specifically, do they know how to say, the name properly right here. Alright so, right behind you is one of our […]

The Story of Porsche: From WW2 to the 911

If you had to pick one car that captures the power, beauty and excitement people feel about sports cars, you would find no better candidate than the Porsche 911. What’s even more impressive is that this has been true for over 50 years. That’s why today, we’ll be exploring the history of one of Germany’s […]

FERDINAND GT3 RS – The World`s slowest Porsche

Hello Ladies and Gentlemen, We are here near the city of Salzburg, at the “Salzburgring”, in the middle of car race-loving Austria. I am very pleased to present you today a superlative event of carsports. The Ferdinand GT3 RS. is an aristocratic descendant of a world-wide known family of race cars. GT3 stands for gran […]

Porsche 911R Old & New / The grandfather of all racing Porsches / PATINA

Upon opening the doors, you’ll feel they’re light as a feather. The windows go down with a leather strap. The windshield is thinner than the standard ones. There are air vents in the small quarter windows at the rear of the car. The indicators of a NSU. It also has the tail lights of a […]

Porsche Festival 2018 – 70th Anniversary, Porsche Tractors Expo at Imola Circuit [ENG SUB]

Porsche, known all over the world for its awesome sports cars, has been also a manufacturer of in-house designed farm tractors developed in different models through the company Porsche-Diesel Motorenbau GmbH based in Friedrichshafen, Germany. The first tractor dates back to 1914 when Ferdinand Porsche becomes technical director of Austria Austro Daimler of Wiener Neustadt […]