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Kyline Alcantara Sings Her Favorite Songs | Preview Challenge | PREVIEW

Hi, it’s me Kyline Alcantara and I’m gonna answer Preview’s song slam book Let’s go! Ano ba yung song ko sa shower? Korean siya eh. Joke lang! Ano ba? Oh yeah! Kinikilig naman ako dun! Okay, Chasing Cars. Pero version to ng Snow Patrol. Aw. Na-sad din ako. I don’t get sad! Kidding. My karaoke […]

Audis first RS 6 Avant in the US with Jonny Lieberman + Autonomous Driving | What’s up, Audi? #23

Trust is good. control is better! when it comes to autonomous driving the traffic will change completely above free control of the technique behind it is the most important basic precondition for trust into the system and all the changes with it. are you ready for autonomous driving? lean back and enjoy the ride! here’s […]

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For this song, we wanted to create a dream-like universe, that’s also a little bit abstract, slowly changing based on the music and the movements of the dancer. In fact there are injections of paints and coloured inks in an aquarium of water where we tried to mix them together to achieve cosmic and organic […]

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Outlander | Entertainment Tonight Tours Fraser’s Ridge | STARZ

Yes? Oh, hi Leanne! -Hi! -Come on in! Thanks so much Sam! So welcome, this is uh, Fraser’s Ridge. I uh, Jamie Fraser built with his bare hands. Uh, here we have, obviously, the bedroom area, very important. -Can I ask a question? -Yes. -Um, so when you were building the cabin, -Uh huh. why, […]