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Singing Lessons For Beginners – The 5 Laws Of Singing – Learn Singing with Ken Tamplin

Hey, Guys! Ken Tamplin from Ken Tamplin Vocal Academy and I’m here to talk about the Five Laws of Great Singing. First: SUPPORT. What is that? Everyone talks about support. “Diaphragmatic Support”. It’s actually your whole abdominal cavity, not just the diaphragm, and it’s when we take a breath, we take a breath like this: […]

Ken Tamplin – How To Sing Summer Of ’69 – Bryan Adams Cover – Ken Tamplin Vocal Academy

Hey guys, welcome back again to Ken Tamplin Vocal Academy, where the PROOF is in the SINGING! While other channels just talk about singing, WE ACTUALLY SING! Anyway, we got a lot of requests for this one. Bryan Adams, Summer of 69. We’ll do it first like we always do. We’ll talk about it after. […]

How To Sing Better Instantly – 3 Insane tips! – Ken Tamplin Vocal Academy

How to sing better Instantly! Instantly! Instantly! Golden Tip number one: don’t believe someone that tells you you can do something great instantly. It’s just not the truth, and it doesn’t work that way. Tip number two: if someone does tell you that, make sure that they can show it and prove it to you […]