Why Are Ferraris So Expensive?

It’s the ultimate symbol of wealth, or douchebaggery depending on your personal tastes. Ferraris have been world renowned as the top luxury sports car brand in the world for almost eight decades, and the tell-tale sharp angles of its most modern high end models are impossible to miss. Ranging from a few hundred thousand dollars, […]

What It’s Like Inside Rolls-Royce’s $410,000 Luxury SUV | Real Reviews

Rich Benoit: I don’t think that’s worth $6,800. Matt DeBord: $6,800 for a clock?! Rich: Yeah, I don’t think so. Matt: I’m Matt, senior correspondent at Business Insider. Rich: I’m Rich from the YouTube channel Rich Rebuilds. Matt: And today we’ve got a 2019 Rolls-Royce Cullinan, the pinnacle of luxury SUVs. Rich: And today we’re […]

Driving the Fastest SUV..🔥

So fast fully automatic We are planning something extremely big New cars are here It’s time for Porsche Such a classy interior Feeling rich sun roof let’s go Such a master piece Gurman is driving this car but he doesn’t have a license this car costs 1.3 crores but in Car street they are selling […]

Why Hail Damaged Cars at Salvage Auction Are NOT Worth Rebuilding

Hey guys, and welcome back. I am sam crac and today. We’re going to follow up on those 2 hail damaged cars that we discussed in our previous video the Hyundai according to how everybody says I need to pronounce it in the comment section and the mustang Gt But I’m going to tell you […]