2012 Audi TT RS

cars.com auto review Hi this is Joe Bruzek with cars.com working with the Audi TT RS now the RS is the highest performance trim level on the TP it offers 95 more horsepower than the TPS which is already an upgraded performance model over the base TV now there’s a lot of beefed-up hardware on […]

Audi RSQ3 2016 review – Car Keys

Once famed for producing just one hot model at a time, Audi’s RS division has grown hugely over recent years, and so has its line-up. The result: you can now walk into an Audi dealership and buy an RS version of the humble Q3 crossover that will bark its way to 62mph in 4.8 seconds, […]

Volkswagen Touareg Off Road Trail in Frankfurt

Hi, it’s Dave at Stable Vehicle Contracts, hope you’re doing okay. We’re at the Frankfurt Motor Show in Germany and we are queuing up to go off roading in a VW Touareg. We’ve got our tickets. It looks pretty scary, I’m not a big fan of heights, so let’s see what they’ve got in store […]

Jeep Cherokee SUV 2015 review – Car Keys

The Jeep Cherokee has never really been seen as a premium SUV, but the latest model is exactly that, competing with the BMW X3 and Audi Q5, according to Jeep that is. But what does it mean to compete with German rivals like that? Well, interior quality must be top notch, there must be a […]

Toyota Hilux Arctic Trucks 6×6, тест-драйв

Sometimes having three axles is more of a disadvantage, than an advantage. For example, in this situation, the car should easily make it. Pretty harmless In an instant the axle gets lifted off the ground, and the differential starts working And it just spins the wheels of the 2nd axle with no effect Even though […]

1997 Volkswagen Golf III 1.9 TDI 90 Bon Jovi

Hi everybody. I’m very happy to see you again for this new review video … and today we will discover together an other of my cars a third generation of Volkswagen Golf. In this video, i will do an In depth tour of the exterior and the interior and i will show you the features […]

Audi R8 V10 Plus, Porsche 911 Turbo S, Litchfield GT-R. Track, Drag-Race – /CHRIS HARRIS ON CARS

[CAR ENGINE] These are three very familiar looking cars. Here we have the 997 Turbo S, for many the definitive all weather performance GT car. But later this year, it’s replaced. So is this a farewell Turbo S piece? Slightly. It’s also a hello R8 V10 plus piece. Because it now has a double clutch […]

Bentley Continental GT Speed and Audi S4: Exploring VW Group DNA – /CHRIS HARRIS ON CARS

[CAR ENGINES] So it happened like this. Bentley contacted me and said they’d lend me, very kindly, a Continental GT Speed, the new 620-horsepower, very fast version of the new Continental. I said, yes, I’m sure we can do something interesting with that. Anyhow, last Friday I drove the car having spent the day in […]

Audi A1 video review 90sec verdict

The A1 is Audi’s take on the Mini, a small car at a big price. No the Mini is all about style rather than substance, so lets see if that’s the case here. Entertainment. We’ll spend a little bit longer on this than usual, because the A1 is particularly susceptible to differences in trim and […]

Worlds fastest SUV? The Bowler EXR-S. – /CHRIS HARRIS ON CARS

CHRIS HARRIS: You’ve probably all heard of Bowler. It’s the company that made something called the Wildcat, a crazy, Paris-Dakar rally-raid machine that looked like a Land Rover Defender– well, on the outside at least. It delivered its first car in 1986. Now, Bowler doesn’t make the Wildcat anymore. It makes something called the EXR. […]