Sean Spicer Eliminated from Dancing with the Stars

-Let’s get to the news. According to transcripts released last night, a top Pentagon official told investigators that President Trump placed an unusual hold on aid to Ukraine. Because if there’s one thing Trump specializes in, it’s unusual holds. [ Laughter ] [as Trump] I’m just gonna grab your hand real tight and get my […]

James Charles Can’t Actually Sing…

So apparently, James Charles got involved in a bit of drama recently. ~ehyehYeAh~ That wasn’t a question, I was stating a fact. ~ehyehYeAh~ Who are you even talking to? ~ehyehYeAh~ Are you done now? Good. So- ~UhUUhHHH~ When it comes to YouTube drama, I like to think of myself as somewhat of a windmill. Because […]

Special Needs – Full Movie

[music playing] THEME SONG: Handicaps. Handicaps. Handicaps. Handicaps. Handicaps. It’s your time to shine. Handicaps. Don’t get left behind. Handicaps. Let me take you there. Handicaps. Let me push your chair. Hey there! How are you? -Hi. -How have you been? Good! How was your trip? Wonderful. It was long, but it was wonderful. [cat […]

Shakira – Can’t Remember to Forget You ft. Rihanna PARODY! Key of Awesome #83

[SHAKIRA & RIHANNA in “I Keep Forgetting to Mis-Remember to Un-Forget the Title of This Song”] ♫ I sing like a goat The frog in my throat ♫ ♫ Has lived there for years And he makes me sing this way ♫ ♫ I set up a bed Down by the steps ♫ ♫ So […]

These Tik Tok Stars Can’t Sing

*phone ding* [JOHNNY] hey, it’s johnny. i know we haven’t talked in a while but, I -uh- wanted to let you know that i can’t stop thinking like… [ALEX] hey johnny, um i think you’ve got the wrong number. please don’t call me again. hello everyone, i’m alex and welcome back to another video. in […]