YouTubers React To Try Not To Sing Along Challenge (Internet Songs) #3 – Subscribe to PewDiePie

– I’m feeling my shoulders wanting to bop. – ♪ Bitch lasagna ♪ – Subscribe to PewDiePie! ♪ (dramatic chord) ♪ – (FBE) So today, we’re going to be doing something that all the YouTubers seems to struggle with. – Uh-oh. (chuckles) – What? (laughs) What? – (FBE) It’s a Try Not to Sing Along […]

Another Top 10 Most Hated Songs

[Narrator]: Because you loved to hate them so much the first time, we thought we’d do this all over again! Welcome to, and today we’re counting down our picks for another top ten most hated songs. For this list, we’ve chosen records that may have enjoyed chart success, but have left behind a legacy […]