VW Shows Teramont X And SUV Coupe Concept Ahead Of Shanghai Debut | CarMojo

Cruise Ship Entertainment : Onboard Shows – Cruises.com

Welcome aboard! Lets spend the next few minutes together as we take you behind the scenes of all entertainment a cruise has to offer. Guests taking a cruise today demand quality entertainment on the high seas and they’re getting it. The cruise director is responsible for the entertainment on board a ship and in some […]

PYRO PACK by HMBL Entertainment

Introducing Pyro Pack. 2K Fire Assets for all your virtual pyro needs. High res .DXV3 files with Alpha channel. Individual frame types and variations. Tried and tested with Resolume Arena Unlock a whole new world of show prepping, using previs softwares. Unleash the Pyro VJ inside you. Pyro Pack by HMBL Entertainment

Production Shows: Cruise Ship Entertainment | Princess Cruises

Remarkable and original Princess production shows will highlight your entertainment experience on board. Our musical productions are cutting-edge, featuring some of the largest and most talented casts at sea.Get ready for the excitement and energy of an amazing musical event. At Princess, we create our shows in-house, working with some of the finest directors and […]

Our Earth is drowning in plastic | A video inspired by Lauren Singer | Plastic waste and oceans

If you go what to shop something chances are that you will find it packed in plastic. And obviously why shouldn’t we use plastic bags and containers to carry our the around. Plastic waterproof tough light inexpensive etcetera. Then why shouldn’t we use them. Most of our waste consists of everyday items such as bottles […]