AWKWARD KISSING! America’s Got Talent | Got Talent Global

I’m Joanna Kennedy I’m 47 years old and I’m from Boulder Colorado and I am a passion and intimacy expert as a passionate intimacy expert I am coaching singles and couples on what it takes to have a really hot relationship I am actually going to be teaching kissing I think my performance tonight has […]

Crazy Auditions That Accidentally Get The Golden Buzzer on Got Talent | Top Talent

Cristian: hello Alisha: For some reason Davids excited. David: I love the boots, i love the boots. Crisian: Thank you Alisha: Whats your name? Cristian: My name is cristian Alisha: Cri-Cristian? Cristian: Yes, please. Alisha: What do you do as a day job? Cristian: I work in a center of London as a waiter. Alisha: […]

Simon Is Confused By Daughter & Father OPERA Singers | Auditions 4 | Britain’s Got Talent 2017

Hello there, Martin pleasure to meet [you] [here] order to remain me to the rest of our mix is where I got my That was really one of the worst things we’ve had in my opinion on screen. Honestly. Oh it wasn’t, it was fun. Oh come on. Have fun out there. Enjoy it. Hello. […]

Britain’s Got Talent 2019 Auditions | WEEK 1 | Got Talent Global

Simon Cowell famous in Japan so me. So anyone that you know this cut how you made s definitely yes, that’s foodie It’s called being global. Okay. Good luck We’re helmet First act of the year, let’s go and gather Ladies and gentlemen back on behalf of the Palladium Theatre. I Invite you to stand […]

Singer Reuben Grey Sings To Girlfriend Gets SHOCKED! | Auditions 2 | Britain’s Got Talent 2017

As you look out there after the storm. We move for them Hi, today. My name is Ruben Bray and where you from I’m from Guilford. Hey Nice a ribbon like me, too My name is Ruben. He’s 16 and the things don’t like I’m currently do magician season school. They’re really hard I Live […]

Ashly Williams’ Emotional “I Will Always Love You” Prompts Tears – THE X FACTOR USA 2013

You nervous? Yeah just kinda wanna focus purely on emotion when I’m preforming and it really helps Yeah, my focal point is my mom Her birthday’s Sunday and she passed away No! Yeah So this is the reason why I’m here (♪♪: In the Arms of an Angel) This is the moment that I’ve been […]

AMAZING SINGER BLOWS judges AWAY! | BRITAINS GOT TALENT 2018 | Aleksandar Mileusnic

hello What’s your name Alexandra below snitch and where are you from? I’m just from Stevenage And how old that’s 1 C 3 is what you’re gonna do do you do is a day job What do you have a different job? Ok, I work for Xavier council How long we do music for? Since […]

AKNU – Brothers from LA Perform “Valerie” – THE X FACTOR USA 2013

all right so you guys ready go yeah it’s mark Scott I’m 25 years old my name is Hassan Scott and I’m 24 my name is Marcus Scott and I’m 28 we’re all from Los Angeles and where I knew and we would describe our hoop as classic but we don’t want the Simon to […]

Britain’s Got Talent 2018 Calum Courtney 10 Year Old Singing Sensation Full Audition S12E01

I’m Courtney I’m from Essex, and I’m tip Let’s get these questions done I Live with my mum my dad my brother and my two dogs I start singing when I was six years old. I don’t really practice I just see when I have the time when my dogs are not coming in my […]

Singing Dog Leaves Simon Cowell Confused! | X Factor Global

What is your name? My name is Diana, and this is Jazz! We are a duo. Johnston [Coos] he doesn’t say She sinng maybe good yes, she started [dying]. I’ll just be clear here. [you’re] telling me that you and Jazz are a Duo Lastly [chiming], okay? Okay, how long have you been a Duo […]