His Voice Is So Emotional That Even Simon Started To Cry!

Hello. Hello. How are you? I’m good. How are you? I’m all right. Thank you. Are you the last auditionee tonight? I am the last one today. Okay, been a long day, right? It has been a long day but I’m ready. You know, but this if you ever watch the x factor before it […]

OMG! Angry Auditions That SHOCKED The World | Top Talents

an extremely good vocalist to sing like friends chrissake I can sing like Cyndi Lauper and Gwen Stefani so you know you don’t get any more versatile than that I’ve got the X Factor because I’m a natural raw talent I’m not gonna look so got the body really at the end of the day […]

Sophie Fatu: The CUTEST 5-Year-Old Audition Ever! | America’s Got Talent 2018

Heidi: Hi! Tyra: So so cute! Heidi: Hi there! Sophie: Hi! Heidi: Oh hi! (crowd awing) Howie: Oh my god! Heidi: Will you tell us your name? Sophie: I’m Sophie Fatu Heidi: Sophie, tell me how old are you? Sophie: Five Heidi: And where do you come from? Sophie: I live in Charles Town West […]

TOP 4 Golden Buzzer America’s Got Talent 2017

Hello How are you? I’m good. How are you? I’m nervous (Simon: very good don’t be nervous) Thank you. (Simon: What’s your name?) My name is Christian Gordinho. And Christian, how old are you? I’m 16 years old. Okay. Tell me… tell me who you here with this year. Umm.. My mom’s here with me. […]

When Judges Get The Giggles | X Factor UK

i love you i like rimshah i will marry with rimshah My name’s [don]. I’d really like to be the next Madonna so lots of the opens That’s why I’m here today So what’s your name? And my name’s don. So just tell me a little bit about you dawn. [I] was [am] [an] apprentice […]

Derek Hough’s Pop Band 2B1G with Sister Julianne Auditioned for Simon Cowell

-Everyone knows that you can dance, Derek can dance. But you’ve also been playing music your whole life. -Yes. -I read about this. I didn’t know — you started off as a drummer? -I did. I was a drummer in a Beach Boys tribute band. And I would go around Utah county fairs playing. -How […]

Brother Sings For His Late Sister on Idol Philippines 2019 | Idols Global

Hi Do you need to go to the restroom? No Welcome to Idol Philippines, what’s your name? I’m Juancho Gabriel Juancho Gabriel, how old are you? Juancho Gabriel. Sounds like a person who owns a hacienda. I’m 23. Where are you from? I’m from Olongapo. What song are you going to sing? I’m singing Your […]

ALL 5 GOLDEN BUZZER Britain’s Got Talent 2018

Hello! who are you, my love? Umm. I’m Gruffydd Wyn Roberts. And I’m Usher. Umm Umm. I’m 22 and I live in a small island called Anglesey in North Wales with with My mum Oh, Fantastic! What is your grads name? my mum calls anglesey. That’s a great name! (al wanna!) and why don’t you […]

PRETTYMUCH Performs ‘Gone 2 Long’ | In The Basement | Entertainment Weekly

This song is basically about you know, you just really have these feelings for somebody and You know, whether they’re gone and a like, you know, mental space or physically gone like the main message was just like, you know I’m trying to put on the smile. I’m trying to look in the mirror but […]

When X Factor Judges Get ANGRY! | X Factor Global

Hello ladies how you doing? Hello Demi how you doing (whats your name?) Jorge hola Jorge (how are you my love.) Really really good where you from? Colombia and i’m here from long island How old are you? I’m 22 And what do you do for a living? I work in an ice-cream truck No. […]