School of Rock | ‘Theme Song Lip Dub’ Music Video | Nick

[MUSIC PLAYING] (SINGING) Stop telling me to read between the lines. It all adds up to one thing. Are you really [INAUDIBLE] for the test? When I’m with you, it’s the best. Five, four, three, two, one. If you think you’re gonna lose your cool, well sometimes you’ve gotta break the rules. Hey, show me […]

JoJo Siwa, Lizzy Greene & More Dance to the Nick Theme 🎵Bucket Drum Style! | #MusicMonday

[drumming] ♪Nick nick nick nick na-nick nick nick ♪ ♪ Nickelodeon ♪ ♪ Nick nick nick ♪ ♪ Nick nick nick ♪ ♪ Nick nick nick ♪ ♪Nick nick nick nick na-nick nick nick ♪ ♪ Nickelodeon ♪ ♪ Nick nick nick ♪ ♪ Nick ♪ ♪ Nick ♪ ♪Nick nick nick nick na-nick nick […]

MISSIO – Sing To Me (Lyric Video)

Talking to the mirror Like I’ve seen him somewhere before He said I look familiar Did we meet the other night? Somebody once told me that there’s two sides to life What’s yours I might have accidentally let the darkness eat the light And that’s why I prayed, I prayed god sent me right to […]

David Cameron singing Waiting For Love by Avicii

Where there’s a will, There’s a way, Kind of beautiful. And every night, Has its day, So magical. And if there’s love, In this life, There’s no obstacle. That can’t be defeated For every tyrant, A tear for the vulnerable. In every lost soul, The bones of a miracle. For every dreamer, A dream we’re […]

How to Warm Up the Voice Before Singing Exam?

Hello! This is Jin Loh from Jin Loh Professional Music. In this video, we will be learning how to warm up our voice before we go for our singing exams or singing competitions or just to warm up our voice before we practice our songs at home. If no one plays the piano for you. […]

How To Stop Singing Froggy – Killer Tips and Tricks – Singing Lessons – Ken Tamplin Vocal Academy

Hey guys, welcome back again to Ken Tamplin Vocal Academy, Where the PROOF is in the Singing! Today we’re going to be discussing how not to sing with a froggy sound. How not to sound like this when we sing. And I want to say a couple of things that are very, very important first. […]

Vocal Coach Reacts To 23 Actors Who Can Actually Sing | Ken Tamplin

Hey guys welcome back again to Ken Tamplin Vocal Academy where the proof is in the singing. Someone sent me in a request can you please do 23 actors who can actually sing and I thought yeah that’d be fun but I do want to put a little side note on this. Back in the […]

James Charles Can’t Actually Sing…

So apparently, James Charles got involved in a bit of drama recently. ~ehyehYeAh~ That wasn’t a question, I was stating a fact. ~ehyehYeAh~ Who are you even talking to? ~ehyehYeAh~ Are you done now? Good. So- ~UhUUhHHH~ When it comes to YouTube drama, I like to think of myself as somewhat of a windmill. Because […]

Baby sings with Mom.

What’s up, Simon? Hi, Simon! Hi! Hi, little troll! (meaning “sweet boy”) Hi… (Mum is singing a Danish children’s song) “Listen to the little starling” The end! That was the song. Was it a nice one? Hi! Red Riding Hood: Why are your ears that big? The wolf: That’s so I can HEAR you the […]