Prince Pronto — Calm & Unwind (EP2 The Weekly Vlog)

Alessia Cara, How Far I’ll Go (live), The Masonic, San Francisco, CA, Nov. 8, 2019 (4K UHD)

Oh my gosh, I wish I could bring you up here. I’m sorry, do you wanna… I’ll dance with you from here. I don’t know if you’re allowed to… I don’t know if you’re allowed to come up. Am I going to get in trouble? Oh my God. Okay, you’re good, you’re good. Yes, girl, […]

James Bay – Hold Back The River (Official Music Video)

Father John Misty – “Total Entertainment Forever” [Live in Columbus]

♫ Bedding Taylor Swift ♫ Every night inside the Oculus Rift ♫ After mister and the missus ♫ Finish dinner and the dishes ♫ Now the future’s definition ♫ Is so much higher than it was last year ♫ It’s like the images have all become real ♫ And someone’s living my life for me […]

Meet a Scientologist: Michele Henderson, Singer/Songwriter, Dominica

MICHELE: It seemed a bit far-fetched that someone like me from this tiny island would be able to impact the world in any kind of meaningful way. NARRATOR: Meet the singer who took the Caribbean by storm with her vibrant voice and talent. MICHELE: It’s always my goal to actually take the Caribbean to the […]

Clayson – Island where no one goes (Official Audio)

A little support by subscribing 😀 Ocean waves and seagulls that makes you go “uhhh” effects ukulele booooy 😀 *cough* *cough* You and me alone on an island where no one goes We could close our eyelids Pretend were ghosts It’s true I don’t wanna go Let’s stay right here until we all Throw all […]

Inuit singer-songwriter Kelly Fraser | Fight for the Rights

Today my dream came true today Today, I walk on a red carpet with cameras in front of me flashing in my face and photographer’s saying, Kelly can you look here? Kelly, Kelly, no come here! I was keeping my composure even though I wanted to skip around like a little girl because I was […]

Alternative Rock (Alt Rock) Music Video ‘GO ON’ by singer-songwriter Gone Marshall Shot Underwater!

[Clock Winding Sound] (Alternative Rock Song Begins – Guitar Riff) Left hand shakes, it finally breaks – Go On…Go On Right hand’s in, you’re in like Flynn – Go On…Go On [Instrumental Break] Someone said, “You’re Dead Like Fred” Go On…Go On No one knows, and no one shows – Go On…Go On! (Processed Voice) […]

Sittin’ On The Dock Of The Bay | Playing For Change | Song Around The World

Sittin’ in the morning sun I’ll be sittin’ when the evenin’ come watching the ships roll in and then I watch ’em roll again I’m sitting in the dock of the bay watching the tide roll away I’m sittin’ on the dock of the bay wastin’ time yeah I left my home in Georgia headed […]