SML Movie: Jeffy’s Bike!

Jeffy: Hey, Daddy Mario: *sigh* What do you want Jeffy? Jeffy: We got our report cards today at school! Mario: (WHA) You get your report card? Jeffy: Yeah! Mario: Is it bad? Jeffy: Well it’s not good! Mario: *sigh* Let me see it, Jeffy? Jeffy: All right Daddy. Mario: *sigh* Jeffy: Here you go, Daddy! […]

[Nhạc Chế] ĐẠI CA CHỢ LỚN ( SML PARODY ) | SML Entertainment – Phần 1

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SML Movie: Jeffy’s Dog!

(Mario Snoring) Jeffy: Hey, Daddy. Hey. (psst) Hey daddy. Mario: What do you want, Jeffy? Jeffy: Um, can me and Pee Pee Suck go outside and play? Mario: Sure, sure Jeffy just leave me alone I’m taking a nap.. Jeffy: Okay thanks daddy, come on Pee Pee Suck lets go. Jeffy: Alright, Mr. Pee Pee […]


Hello, is this your number “Mai De”? That’s right, honey I give you milk tea I went to pick up the goods for you Here, my sister came down immediately CHILD CARE The day was beautiful and it was big, today will definitely be full Just finished 5 applications, it was time to go to […]