Choosing the right Drive Mode on the 2019 Toyota RAV4 and RAV4 Hybrid

The all-new 2019 Toyota RAV4 The all-new 2019 Toyota RAV4 helps deliver driving confidence thanks to its capable new TNGA platform and advanced driver assist features, such as Multi-Terrain Select and Drive Mode Select. Standard on all-wheel drive equipped gas models, Multi-Terrain Select allows drivers to maximize traction when driving through mud and sand, rock […]

DPF self-cleaning! AUDI B7 3.0 TDI V6 233Hp Quattro Tiptronic

Urban driving for long periods of time blocks the DPF and DPF warning lights up. What can you do? 1. Go somewhere you can drive with no traffic. 2. Wait until your engine work temperature is reached. 3. Switch to “S” driving mode. 4. Drive with 60-70 km/h for at least 10 minutes. 5. Done! […]

Audi Q5 Quattro in snow

He needs to straighten his wheel. There’s a ditch on the side Beautiful evening shot with Galaxy s9 Still learning he’s breaking, why? What his lights don’t turn off? Nope, they daylight running lights. enough, let’s go because it will be dark right now just getting started

AUDI B7 3.0 TDI QUATTRO – Different Type Of Torsen Test: ESP OFF vs ESP ON

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2013 Land Cruiser How-To: Crawl Control | Toyota

– Crawl Control is like a off road Cruise Control system for really rough terrain. The system applies the throttle and brakes to maintain a set speed. Off road Turn Assist, is an additional feature that helps the driver perform a tight turn, by applying brake pressure to one of the rear wheels. Now to […]

Toyota How-To: Windshield Wipers | Toyota

The windshield wipers are located on the right side of the steering wheel and are controlled by moving the stalk up or down. They’ll only operate when the ignition is on. A quick push up on the stalk activates the mist function and wipes the windshield clear. To use the variable intermittent wipers, move the […]

2020 Toyota 4Runner | Throwing (Night) Shade | Steve Hammes

2020 Toyota 4Runner Limited As part of Toyota’s carefully curated Dinosaur collection which includes Land Cruiser, Tundra, Sequoia and this 4Runner body-on-frame ruggedness proudly lives on without too much interference from today’s world. Ok. So the Dinosaur Collection doesn’t actually exist but if Toyota wants to use the name they’re more than welcome. And look, […]

Cold Start: 1987 Toyota Pickup 22R, Lifted 2WD Truck

I haven’t started my 1987 Toyota in a while… and it happens to be freezing out here I think it’s time for a Cold Start Video! Welcome back to the 6th Gear Garage! My last cold start video with the 1986 1-ton didn’t go so well… So let’s see how the 87 lifted 2wd does […]


This test’s guarantee is Goodyear Dunlop Slovakia and the Dunlop tires. Welcome to yet another video from Garaz TV production! In this test we are going to compare three popular SUVs well, SUVs are popular in general, Because their sales for first 11 months of this year have exceeded 30 thousand units in Slovakia. 371 […]