🎤 Outta Nowhere cover (Pitbull feat.Danny Mercer) Danny Mercer’s part

hi I’ll be singing um out of nowhere by pitbull featuring Danny Mercer and I’ll be singing only danny mercer’s part so this will be pretty short sooner or later that spark just disappears outta nowhere outta nowhere every time one of us ended up in tears outta nowhere outta nowhere is it good that […]

Nick Townsend Reveals Heartbreaking American Idol Audition Inspiration – American Idol on ABC

Hey, what’s up house go what’s your name, man? My name is Nick. Cool. Where are you from? I’m from Nebraska but I live in Los Angeles now and why are you here today? Tell us everything the reason I’m here today is For my brother’s I Have two brothers Me and my older brother […]


Bae Bae Bae BAAM BAAM Bae Bae Bae BAAM BAAM I’m so dizzy I never expect you To enter my heart, BAAM (BAAM) You get me shaken up With your nonchalant words Pick pick pick, I faint, BAAM (BAAM) Like you don’t mean it (Up) Your cold tone (Down) When you look (No Doubt) At […]

OLD TOWN ROAD – Lil Nas X | Marty Ray Project Acoustic Cover

Yeah, I’m gonna take my horse to the old town road I’m gonna ride ’til I can no more Take my horse to the old town road I’m gonna ride ’til I can no more Can nobody tell me nothin’ Can tell me nothin’ Can nobody tell me nothin’ Can tell me nothin’ I got […]


[opening dance beat to Gangnam Style] -[singing]: Orange nya nya style Nya nya style I am an orange People say that I’m annoying Say what you want ‘Cause I’m Certainly not boring I hang out in the stables With a bunch of unicorns And I ride them into outer space Honking uni-horns I hang out […]

REAL LIFE FROZEN Anna and Elsa Sing – “Grace Kelly” by MIKA (Lekss Cover)

Anna : Cold … It’s so cold ! C’mon Anna ! She’s your sister after all … Why are you scared ? Everything will be aliright … Ok take your time … Elsa ? Elsa that’s me Anna ! Elsa ? Elsa I know that’s your here ! open the door ! Elsa : I […]

[MV] SUNMI(선미) _ Gashina(가시나)

Your cold gaze is killing me The flame inside your heart Why are there only ashes left? Time must be the answer I become weaker as time passes by Pain of sorrow becomes dull Fine, in order to forget you I will live like the flowers That’s who I am Can’t nobody stop me now […]

Alejandro Aranda Sings “Yellow” by Coldplay at Disney Aulani – American Idol 2019 on ABC

Look at this star Oh look how its shine for you And it was all yeah I jus For you and everything It was for yellow Oh Wow Look at the Stars the cash I fool you And everything I Feel like I’ve come a long way since my first audition Definitely trying to be […]

Morgz – THE END OF MUM (Diss Track) Official Music Video

6PM tomorrow is the death of mum And I… and I know I’m appearing a little disrespectful right now Team Mum thinking they can take Team Morgz down it’s like a goldfish thinking they can take down a shark Shut up [laughter] Yo I ain’t a rapper but let’s face it I could literally eat […]

Kaboochi | Dance Song For Kids | Baby Songs For Children | Dance Challenge

Kaboochi Look at him sleeping The sun is up and its time to wake up… Are you sleeping Are you sleeping brother john Brother john.. Morning bells ringing… Morning bells ringing… Ding Ding Dong.. Ding Ding Dong.. Are you sleeping Are you sleeping brother jack Brother jack.. Morning bread are baking Swans ducks are quacking […]