Audi R8 V10 Spyder review

Those who know me know I’m not a morning person. I need 5 cups of coffee and finally wake up at 4 pm. However, they can wake me up for a 533 hp V10. This is a Spyder. We’re going to drive open-topped. I hope the weather is good, despite the forecasts. It’s dry now, […]

Volkswagen Polo First Drive on Awesome Road, Hyderabad

I dont care how long it takes me, but i am going somewhere beautifulf People don’t take trips, trips take pepole All good things are wild and free All i want is an open heart on an open road

Would You Pay 100.000€ for an Audi RS5? [Review] Sub ENG

Ciao everyone, here it’s Marchettino and today we have 450hp to keep company.. no wait, 451! If you remember, about a month ago I got to drive the new Audi RS5. Sadly, the time was limited so I got to make only 1 video in which my M3 blew my ears click above if you […]

2016 Toyota Prius How-To: 2016 Prius Full Speed Dynamic Radar Cruise Control | Toyota

– [Narrator] Full Speed Dynamic Radar Cruise Control supplements conventional cruise control with vehicle-to-vehicle distance control. It allows the vehicle to automatically accelerate or decelerate in order to help maintain a set following distance from a vehicle traveling directly ahead. To turn the system on, press the on-off button on the cruise control stalk. The […]

Audi RS3 review

362 hp and a top speed limited to 174 mph. That’s nice. For the front tires as well, but that’s optional. I’m a fan of the Audi RS3’s engine. Especially when you put it in Dynamic, a kind of sports mode, it opens a valve in the exhaust. It makes a lot of noise, but […]

2019 Cadillac XT4 | Caddy’s New SUV | TestDriveNow

In a crossover crazy world Cadillac certainly hasn’t given shoppers many reasons to visit one of their showrooms. But perhaps it was worth the wait. This is the first ever XT4. From subcompact to gargantuan, automakers’ SUV lineups are growing in every direction. But until now, Cadillac’s offerings have started at the midsize XT5 and […]

2019 Toyota Avalon | Now In a Fun-To-Drive Flavor | TestDriveNow

You know, I remember my days in Avalon It was a time when you needed an AARP card just to get one of these flagship Toyota sedans And it was likely the last car you were ever going to purchase There were no such things as Sport S+ drive modes adaptive variable suspension Zoar sound […]

Volkswagen Beetle A5 buyers review

When I say VW Type 1, not many of you know what I’m talking about. I’m talking about a very old car, one of the best sold cars in the whole world ever. We know it as the VW ‘Kever’. In the US it was called Beetle or Bug, so with the Beetle’s revival in […]

2015 Honda Accord Coupe V6 – Review by Auto Critic Steve Hammes | TestDriveNow

Ever wonder what happened to the big coupe? Do you remember nameplates like Cougar and Monte Carlo? And you used to be able to buy 2-door variants of the Camry and Altima, as well. But while most manufacturers have given up on the bodystyle, Honda decided to keep it when they launched the all-new Accord […]