Bugatti Veyron Pulled over by the Washington State Patrol

It’s Finally Happening, day 1 of Goldrush Rallye All the Cars Are here tucked, away in the Parking Garage Just Kind of Waiting for the signal to leave This is going to be Quite the Adventure This [is] the other car in my Team the s/m M/l Industries Team Is insane [Wealthy] Today [Is] an […]

Meet the new owner of the BUGATTI VISION GRANTURISMO!!!

good morning good morning welcome back to the channel welcome back to the vlog two days ago I got the text message I have been waiting for for three months October 31st 9 a.m. Los Angeles International Airport’s delivery day boys happy Halloween welcome back to America I’ve been trying to keep this a secret […]

Unwrapping a NEW Bugatti Chiron – The First Customer Car in North America

Today’s the day. Today is the day. Good morning. Good morning. Welcome back to the vlog. I hope everybody is killing it today we are taking delivery of a Bugatti Chiron Well i’m not I’m not. I’m not, Huzi. Huzi is taking delivery of his new share on. This is going to be the first […]