A MIRACLE FROM HEAVENS ★ До свидания тигр ★ War Thunder

I think they are on their base, ouh shit On you? Yes, i’m fucked! On our base, yes? Yes! I see… you ouh my god, i can’t drop the bombs should I drop? Drop, drop, drop! Or he is going to kill me No no, he didn’t kill me! Should I drop the bombs? DROP […]

Billie Eilish – bad guy EXTREME | JUST DANCE 2020 1st try REACTION

Hello everybody! You voted for it… after already almost 2,000 votes you want me to discover “bad guy” extreme while dancing to it for the first time. So I tried dress up consequently I had no green. So I chose pink Hugo, who is in the other room, just told me I look like Billie […]

JUST DANCE 2020 FULL GAME REACTION (all EXTREMES versions 😱 + All Stars & Kids modes)

Dina: Hyperventilating here. Hugo: Yeah, it’s like you’re pregnant or something. Dina: I’m about to deliver a baby Hugo: yeah you’re gonna deliver Both: named Just Dance 2020! Drey: I need help… Wait! I need water… Dina: can we ever start with you? Hugo: Okay people. Dina: Okay people, this is the big discovery of […]

Blue Span Road to Immortal AGAIN, DIVINE 6 Daily Dota 2

T4: The Dancing Shield

The cryptomines crystallized all over the island and the usage of electricity multiplied. The prevalent idea that Cryptopia’s energy plans were sustainable and environmentally friendly had never been truthfully explored. The mines were running at full steam and adding new blocks to the blockchains required more and more power to hash the cryptographic puzzles built […]

What really happens to the plastic you throw away – Emma Bryce

This is the story of three plastic bottles, empty and discarded. Their journeys are about to diverge with outcomes that impact nothing less than the fate of the planet. But they weren’t always this way. To understand where these bottles end up, we must first explore their origins. The heroes of our story were conceived […]