Highlander Vs. Pilot: Which 2017 3-Row SUV Should You Buy? — Cars.com

like the Red Sox and Yankees Coke and Pepsi and McDonald’s and Burger King the Toyota Highlander and Honda Pilot are the fiercest of competitors we spent a week testing these SUVs and we’re gonna tell you which one you should spend your money on the pilot and Highlander we tested were surprisingly similar they […]

Top 10 Best, Fastest, Most Extreme SUVs

SUVs aim to be everything for everyone. Good looks, great practicality, go anywhere, and as of lately, fast and luxurious as well. It’s no wonder that demand for them is sky rocketing, and almost every car maker has jumped onto that band wagon; even some extreme ones that never made anything like an SUV. So […]

Whoa! McLARTY Volkswagen Went Above and Beyond!

Once there was a guy from Searcy named Tommy who didn’t like car shopping. But then he went to McLarty Volkswagen. And everything changed. Whoa! McLarty Volkswagen went above and beyond! A legendary experience and the People First Warranty, Are at the No.1 Volkswagen Dealer – McLARTY Volkswagen!

#1 SUV Trophy Truck. Общий обзор, функции и дизайн самоделки из ЛЕГО

Hi, everybody! This is BrickGarage, and my name is Egor. Today we have a review, a small review about one of my models, that already been seen on a channel So it’s so called Trophy Truck, Trophy truck in a civilian body Model was built for the BuWizz contest, in which participants had to present […]


The seven-passenger Atlas offers competitive levels of technology and spaciousness combined with hallmark Volkswagen driving dynamics and attention to detail, all at a price designed to draw attention in the crowded family SUV segment. As the newest and biggest member of the Volkswagen lineup, the midsize Atlas SUV offers family-ready passenger and cargo volume, as […]

Ford SUV Experience In Philippines | MotorBeam

Hi guys. Welcome to MotorBeam. The SUV body-type is the fastest growing segment globally. Ford has just completed 50 years of making SUVs and we have come down to the beautiful country of Philippines to experience a wide range of Ford SUV’s in their own terrain. We first tried the Ford Explorer. Driving at high […]


this is a real car! cool! I feel like I’m in the NASA control room camber angel, racing style, like 2HP next time you observe the right of way Good morning! The nice thing about this period is that every year I get to December and I’m like “okay I’m gonna be much more calm […]

DO YOU NEED A MAP OR AN ATLAS? | 2018 Volkswagen Atlas | Complete Review | TestDriveNow

Just as the SUV rebirth is hitting its stride, VW has brought 2 excellent examples to market – the not so compact all-new Tiguan and this; the most decidedly American vehicle they’ve ever made, the 3-row, 2018 Atlas. After waiting what seemed like forever for VW to join the modern crossover SUV game, they’re coming […]

If You Don’t Have This SUV You’re Stupid

rev up your engines today I’m gonna show how the later model toyota 4runners are the best SUVs for your money now there are a far cry from the early forerunner the early forerunner 1984 had a whopping 110 horsepower 4-cylinder engine with a carburetor on their small Toyota pickup that the added seats in […]